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Medicine by Design
(Fake Science)

The Early Medical Profession
Before the mid-eighteenth century, there was no need for a medical profession and especially one that was created only to make money––which is what Rockefeller's medical profession began as, and was trained to be.

There was no medical profession, no health care or health care system, and no hospitals––therefore healthcare is a relatively new concept. Anyone who had an ailment, went to an herbalist and received a natural herbal remedy to help what ailed them.

In the late 1700s and early 1800s those who wanted to become physicians took lecture classes in Scotland. There were no medical schools in America yet, so American doctors-to-be traveled abroad for their education.

Rockefeller decided to put the wealth he made from oil, into colleges to teach medicine in the colleges––his way. He purchased all the medical schools and invented a very devious medical profession, based solely on making money and convincing people they could not live unless they put all their faith in their badly-trained doctors.

Rockefeller's training in these schools is solely based on a very wrong theory. Those becoming doctors, nurses, dentists, optometrists and veterinarians were taught only Pasteur's wrong germ theory of disease. Doctors really don't know what they are doing: only recently did they discover that the appendix is beneficial to the human body! They actually thought it was a left-over organ from evolution and that it was really not needed! This discovery was only in the last few years––this is the mindset of most of our doctors today!

Their motto First do no harm really seems like a slap in the face to mankind since their form of medical care is completely foreign to the human body. Evolution's motto is in fact survival of the fittest, or natural selection, meaning that they do not actually believe that the human body is worth saving––unless of course Nature caused a particular human body to be strong enough. At times it will seem as if some doctors are really trying to kill you (and some are!).

A couple of the main areas Rockefeller focused on was education and medicine. In 1901 he established the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, which later became Rockefeller University. Rockefeller formed the General Education Board in 1902 with a $1 million donation. Eventually $180 million would go towards this foundation.

How our educational system works is largely a work of Carnegie and Rockefeller’s hands. The Secretary of the General Education Board was Abraham Flexner. Andrew Carnegie instigated the Flexner Report after reviewing medical schools all over the country. Abraham Flexner reviewed medical schools all over the country and came up with his report.

This report changed the state of medicine forever. It was aimed at making medicine more "scientific" (in quotes because of the sheer amount of fraud conducted in medical science back then, up until today). As a result schools would all become modeled after John Hopkins medical school––completely funded and designed by Rockefeller (and based solely on Pasteur's wrong Germ Theory).

The Flexner Report stated that there were too many schools, with too many doctors. They needed fewer so that the doctors could earn more money. This resulted in women and black schools largely not making the cut, instead making the profession one almost exclusively of white men.

This work led to the focusing on disease, with a reductive scientific model, and forgetting preventative and holistic medicine. “There was maldevelopment in the structure of medical education in America in the aftermath of the Flexner Report."

The profession’s infatuation with the hyper-rational world of German medicine created an excellence in science that was not balanced by a comparable excellence in clinical caring. In reality, it wasn't excellence and it wasn't true science that this medicine came from––after all, doctors believed that mankind came from monkeys and were constantly evolving into beings that may or may not deserve to live!

Rockefeller's fortune was mainly used to create the modern systematic approach of targeted philanthropy through the creation of foundations that had a major effect on medicine, education, and scientific research. Herbalism, homeopathy, osteopathy and others similarly did not make the cut for the Flexner report––a report literally commissioned by Rockefeller and Carnegie in order to quash the alternative medicines (which the natural herbal medicines came to be called). In essence, medicine was taken out of the hands of people to put it into an elite doctor class, which was of course educated according to how the Foundations saw fit, since they were funding it all. Natural remedies had no place in the medical world any longer.

Industries Designed to Kill
Today all doctors are trained to treat symptoms instead of find the root cause of an ailment to treat accordingly. The Pharmaceutical industry was founded by John D. Rockefeller as well, and therefore doctors and nurses are taught to dish out medications like they are candy to treat your symptoms––and designed to make you sicker.

These drugs come with so many side effects that it is actually better to not treat the ailment and let the body heal itself––which it is perfectly able to do. When God created our bodies, He included the ability for our bodies to heal themselves.

Recently I discovered that Rockefeller also founded his Milk Trust, which apparently is the reason Pasteur's germ theory was adopted––not only ruining milk's nutritional value, but poisoning it as well!

Rockefeller also founded the Cancer Society which was not founded to help cure cancer––it was founded to control cancer treatments––so you don't die too quickly. You see, more money is made from the treatments than by giving you a cure. And the treatments will always lead to death because they are what is really killing people. Cancer is caused by vaccines, and industry and air pollutants. Then doctors pretend to help you, and some even misdiagnose you with cancer so they can give you the treatments that make them richer.

Scientific Medicine
The First Industrial Revolution brought with it Scientific Medicine. Scientific Medicine doctors were very scary, to say the least. There really were no hands-on training schools for wannabe doctors––they mostly winged it in the beginning.

Their methods were unconventional, and in more cases than not, they usually caused a lot of deaths. One of the first medical tools these so-called scientific doctors used was the lancet. They decided that bleeding people for just about everything was the way to cure them.

Scientific Medicine is a complete absurdity––a mockery of mankind's intelligence to know what is good for his own body. This bogus practice was forced upon mankind in order to make him/her weak and sick, and eventually die. It was never about curing any diseases.

Scientific medicine introduced amputations as a cure for gangrene and other infections, surgeries for just about anything, dangerous drugs full of poison and side effects, and treatments claimed to be cures but were really death sentences. These doctors offered little hope for curing disease, and their cures were often lethal. They were feared by much of the population.

When asked, most doctors admitted that only about 3% of the surgeries they do today are necessary––the rest are for sheer profit!

I believe that gangrene is a fungus infection, and infection is the body's way of telling us that it is healing. In most cases if is allowed to run its course, it will heal the infected limb. What is actually going on is the body detoxing from something very toxic. All toxicity is from man-made entities, such as chemical air pollutants (poisons). However, in extreme cases, amputation may be the only answer. However, doctors should not jump to the conclusion that amputation is the only answer.

Mankind has not benefitted from these Scientific doctors, yet we have become dependent on them because they are all we have. If anything these doctors had done to people actually helped them, then mankind would be much better off––but it never has and we are not.

Today people are sicker than they've ever been in history, more overweight and completely dependent upon Rockefeller's Big Pharma drugs––fake drugs, fake vaccines and fake cancer treatments that are designed to make people sicker than they were before they went in to see the doctor––drugs and treatments that cause disease!

Rockefeller's True Agenda
To some it may have appeared as if John D. Rockefeller was fixing a medical profession that was chaotic, out of control and even archaic. However, that wasn't the case at all.

In fact, Rockefeller was turning what was never a medical profession, into his very own evil empire. It fit quite nicely into the Freemason's agenda. He was designing something that no one had ever seen––he could do whatever he wanted––and that he did.

John D. Rockefeller was a Freemason, and therefore had an agenda not really mentioned anywhere in print––until recently. While other Freemasons were assigned certain tasks to destroy particular elements of the land and lives of the people, first in the United States, and then in the rest of the world, Rockefeller's task was to set in motion the deliberate destruction of mankind's health. Whatever it took, he would fulfill his duty to their evil goal.

Freemasonry is a type of brainwashing to do the devil's will, and only his will no matter what happens to them. Freemasons, as well as all secret societies, are satanists, and satan is their god.

John D. Rockefeller made his money in oil. He used his profits to further the cause of Freemasonry, and that included creating a medical profession that had a different agenda.

The medical profession was not designed to help people, it was designed to destroy their health. This was no accident––for regular people it was planned from the very beginning.

Beginning in the mid-eighteenth century, what has come to be known as today's medical profession actually began as an opportunistic endeavor of John D. Rockefeller's. It didn't matter that it was based on an unproven theory, it would be perfect for the Freemason's plan.

Rockefeller's Big Pharma makes all medications, treatments and synthetic vitamins, and he owns and runs all the vitamin companies as well. He makes the synthetic vitamins and most drugs from petroleum products, which are poisonous to the human body. Yes, he knew this and didn't care. Everything that Rockefeller did was for the Freemason's plan to destroy America and her people, as well as take over the world.

In the early 1900s, the fortune of Andrew Carnegie, by request of Rockefeller, fought hard against and buried Antoine Béchamp's terrain theory of disease.

This same Andrew Carnegie, in partnership with John D. Rockefeller, financed the Flexner Report (as mentioned previously) that established hospital and drug based medicine as the standard, while simultaneously shutting out all other options.

Instead of incorporating Béchamp’s discoveries to bring about a health revolution in the world and save countless lives, the Thieves decided to ostracize his work and put their dollars behind Louis Pasteur’s Germ Theory of Disease because it was a way for them to build a colossal pharmaceutical and medical empire for profit, as well as facilitate their Freemasonic ultimate goal of destroying mankind, and controlling the world.

Louis Pasteur
Pasteur recognized the genius of Antoine Béchamp and watched his work very closely because he continually plagiarized Béchamp's work, and took credit for it. Pasteur always lusted for fame and fortune––he cared nothing for truth or virtue. He would mimic Béchamp's work as best he could, and then claimed discovery, aggressively lobbying individual members and the media of his day. Pasteur’s rewrites of the works of Béchamp were inside-out, upside-down, twisted understandings of genius. This is the foundation of today’s modern Medical Profession.

Pasteur's germ theory of disease was just another one of his plagiarized experiments that has never been proven––he actually took this ridiculous theory from a man who lived three hundred years before him––claiming it as his own! Rockefeller knew this, but he used it anyway and pushed Louis Pasteur into the limelight––where he has stayed for over one hundred years!

Big Pharma does not care at all about curing disease. They (Rockefeller) want to control disease and focus on symptom suppression so Big Pharma can make huge profits by getting you to become a lifelong user until you die from their poison. That’s why they go to war against disease with all their anti this and anti that medications, instead of addressing the inner condition of a patient and re-establishing homeostasis in the body.

It was discovered in Pasteur's writings how horrible a man he was by his own admission of his thefts, faked researches, animal and child abuses, as well as human experimentation.

Sometimes Pasteur wrote about experiments that were never even performed. We know this to be true for two reasons. First, if you duplicate some of his experiments they don’t work. The second reason we know is Pasteur recorded that he faked research, and stole research of others.

A book on Pasteur by a Princeton University professor detailed at length Pasteur’s methods and even his person. Pasteur was exposed for the scoundrel of a person that he was, but unfortunately he was left as a hero of science and of medicine.

Pasteur was a scoundrel of scoundrels and charlatan of charlatans. Pasteur smooth-talked academia, the newspapers, society darlings, and even the Emperor himself as the consummate con man. Nobody bothered to check his work, either. You see, as much as he lacked in scholarship he excelled in salesmanship. He subsequently was lifted up as the national hero of France––and still is today.

Louis Pasteur crossed the path of Antoine Béchamp very early, and later crossed him and humanity itself.

A false claim that Pasteur recanted on his deathbed has been written about by many online. However, this is NOT true. Pasteur was a Freemason and was loyal to the Thieves' centuries-long agenda. Everything Pasteur did was for the purpose of fulfilling the Freemason goals. He did NOT recant and claim he was wrong. The statement wrongly given claim to Pasteur actually belongs to Claude Bernard.

Amidst a group of physicians and scientists, Claude Bernard (a contemporary of Pasteur, but agreed with Béchamp's findings) made the statement: "The terrain is everything; the germ is nothing," and then drank down a glass of water filled with cholera. There are not many scientists who are willing to risk their lives on a theory.

Antoine Béchamp
As a doctor and a scientist, Béchamp was one of the most outstanding reserachers of the 19th century. He taught, in accordance with Hippocrates, that diseases are caused by what goes into our bodies. He did not see germs as something separate or hostile, coming from outside the body, but as a prerequisite of all life. Many quote the Hippocratic Oath, but do not follow in the footsteps of Hippocrates, who was an excellent physician.

Béchamp believes (and correctly so) that what he calls life germs belong to the human organism. They form the cells, take care of the metabolic processes and dissolve the cells at death. These life germs build up the organism, maintain it and cause its decay. When man returns to the earth as dust, these life germs (microzymas) continue to enliven the earth. These life germs are immortal.

Unfortunately for mankind, the evolutionary indoctrinated world had no use for his findings. He met with rejection from church, state and science.

Although he was the greatest of the giants in the history of modern science, Béchamp yet remains unknown to the vast majority of all who claim to know about life, health and healing sciences. He was someone that many of us should have known, as we know Pasteur, but his fame was most likely given to Pasteur by Rockefeller.

Dr. Antoine Béchamp noted the importance of lifestyles as the key to prevention and success against disease over one hundred years ago! After way too many years (and hopefully in our lifetime), the fullness of the work of Antoine Béchamp will finally come to light so that mankind can finally benefit from his genius.

Béchamp backed up all his findings with thorough and rigid scientific precision––experiments that in fact worked and proved him right. Darwinian evolution was one of the main reasons that Béchamp was whitewashed from the history books (another, very important reason, was because Béchamp was a Christian and Pasteur was a satan-worshiping Freemason Evolutionist). He was practically the lone scientific voice to speak out against the wildly popular Darwinian evolution. He did so against the pleadings of colleagues and supporters who warned him that it was too popular. It was so thorough a whitewashing job as to assign credit for his works to others, such as Louis Pasteur.

Louis Pasteur’s Germ Theory of Disease is based on the fraudulent theory of evolution. Because of this, he is responsible for killing more people than anything else in the history of the world, for the past one hundred sixty years. It is horrifying that both these theories are viewed as undisputed fact among the medical and scientific community today!

The work of Antoine Béchamp has been verified many times in the last 100 years. Dr. E. C. Rosenow of the Mayo Clinic published papers in mainstream science/medical journals that confirmed this work in the 1920s. Royal Raymond Rife with his powerful Universal microscope confirmed the work of Béchamp through many decades.

Establishment of how fermentation occurs was first established by Béchamp as dated records attest, though history records that Pasteur was the first to do so––even though Pasteur’s writings on the subject were tortured and confused for some years thereafter. Béchamp also solved an epidemic problem of diseased silkworms. Pasteur is credited with this as well, even though his solution didn’t work! There is just so much of Béchamp's work that has been accredited to Pasteur, to the huge detriment of the science industry, and mankind's health.

Béchamp had the solutions to the current health care crisis, and his discoveries are largely unknown today (deliberately buried by Freemasons). Roughly one hundred years later our world is thoroughly enslaved to the pharmaceutical and oil industry––by design. Remember, Rockefeller owns the oil and Big Pharma.

I'm sure you've noticed how our skin heals cuts and bruises, etc. And how we recover from colds and the flu, right? Well, the rest of our body, even our organs themselves, can heal themselves without any help from a poisoned pill or vaccine.

Pasteur's Germ Theory Found to be Mistaken
Many doctors in the late 19th century found Pasteur's Germ Theory to be sorely mistaken when a Dr. Wilson discovered that Blood Poisoning was because of "putrefying matter which might be conveyed by hands, dressings or other means, to freshly made wounds." He deduced, correctly, that such contamination is exactly explained by the microzymian doctrine. Thus Béchamp is corroborated.

In other words, Sepsis is not caused by microorganisms from outside the body that have invaded the cells, but from the doctors themselves! My question is: if doctors from over one hundred years ago discovered this truth, then why haven't any of our doctors today discovered it?!

A True Scientist and Doctor
Antoine Béchamp was one of the greatest scientists who ever lived. He was the foremost pioneer of science, medicine, nutrition and genetics all at once, and his discoveries could have saved humanity a whole lot of misery and suffering––had their discoveries not been kept from humanity.

Béchamp, who established the keys to healthful living, was degreed in biology, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, and medicine, as well as a practitioner in each of these. He was also a university professor for all of these subjects. The accomplishments of Béchamp are unparalleled and he quite simply has no equal.

Béchamp’s research revealed that the inner condition of a person’s cellular terrain determined whether disease would manifest or spread in the body. He proved through rigorous scientific method that disease was not due to germs attacking the body from the outside as Louis Pasteur later convinced the world. What you eat, breathe, drink and bathe in are the primary factors that determine your body’s inner condition.

One man has said for decades that if the world’s top scientists got together just to verify the works of Béchamp that are tediously recorded in great detail that in about ten years some 90% or more of the hospitals would cease to be needed.

It is way past time that people return to being responsible for their own health and the welfare of their own bodies, rather than abdicating such responsibilities to badly-trained doctors. We can only hope that Béchamp's name and work will come to light, and become practically the savior of healthcare––very soon!


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Edited / Updated 2-21-22