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ABOUT the Author

I have been called a lunatic, and have been accused of being on drugs. I have been called delusional and a blind fool. All this because of what is written on this site.

I do not simply believe the things I write on this site, I KNOW them to be TRUTH. I dig deep and research everything until I find the REAL truth. And sometimes I keep digging if I find something that may not be right. I NEVER accept what someone says––now THAT would be foolish––and lazy.

I actually consider these people to be complimenting me. Although I am not a prophet, I am in good company with the prophets of God. Nobody believed them either, and they too were called crazy simply for telling the truth. Every single time (except Jonah) the Israelites did not believe the prophets. They killed one or two, and they threw Jeremiah in a pit in the ground––just to shut them up!

I was not political at all before I moved to Arizona two years ago. I didn't even know the difference between a Democrat and a Republican! Even though I had never voted, I would defend Trump all the time because I thought he wasn't being given the chance to do his job. I really had no idea how much people really hated Trump––which I thought extremely unusual.

I knew Hillary was evil, so I didn't want her to win. But I didn't say things about her the way the Trump-haters at work talked about him. It was the weirdest experience I have ever had.

I actually believe I was harassed at work and was pretty much forced to quit, because I defended Trump. I didn't find this out until after I moved and discovered some political things, but the owners of the place I worked at were Liberals, and quite creepy. If I didn't know any better, I would think they were some of the Freedom Thieves! I have never actually researched them, except to find out that their name is Jewish, but I have no idea if they are German Jews or not.

I also had no idea what was really going on in our government. I knew they were corrupt, but I didn't know why and how bad it really was. I also knew that the economy was going to crash any day, so I also stopped keeping my money in the bank many years ago. How I never knew what was really going on in our government, I don't know. For some dumb reason I never knew that politics had something to do with it, and I stayed away from politics at all costs.

However, God had other ideas. When I arrived in Arizona He made sure I discovered EVERYTHING, almost overnight! Every single detail was thrown in my face and I had to read about it all and absorb it fast, because we were in the last year to save our country (that was what I thought at the time), and as it turned out, the world too!

It was a bit overwhelming, to say the least, but I knew I had to learn this stuff, and remember it. After the other book was finished, I began researching for Freedom Thieves.

Here it is two years later and I've written my last book, Freedom Thieves (I am retiring now). This book is not about the heinous crimes these people are guilty of, but about the evil people themselves. What I found to be of more importance, because I believe in God, was who these people are and where they came from, as well as why they were doing these tyrannical things to the people of the world?!

As you will read on my Torah Way of Life pages, you will discover that I am not a Christian. However, I used to be. About fifteen years ago I discovered who Jesus really was. His real Name is Yeshua, and He is a Hebrew. He is Hebrew through and through, and therefore those of us who believe in Yeshua are as well. I celebrate the Feasts of God (NOT the Jewish feasts, that are in no way the same as God's Feasts in the Bible).
I do NOT celebrate any Christian holidays, because they really have nothing to do with Yeshua. They all have pagan beginnings, and some of those practices are still prevalent in their celebrations.

I celebrate only God's holy days––only those holy days that are mentioned in the Bible (not one of the Christian holidays are mentioned even in the New Testament, which is the wrong end of the Bible, BTW).

I read and study the Torah, which entails the first six books of the Bible, as well as Kings, Chronicles, Psalms and the Prophets. I no longer read the New Testament because is has been completely altered, and no longer contains truth.
Most of the articles on my Torah Way of Life site are from my book I AM THE WAY: Discipleship. They of course, go into much more detail than I have on this site.

For those of you who believe that the Freedom Thieves are all from Israel and all zionists, you are quite wrong. It is only a handful of Jews, and they are apostate Jews, meaning they do not believe in God––they actually believe satan is God! They are EVIL as they come––worse actually.

I have come to the conclusion that the only real way out of this socialist/communist/satanist mess the Thieves and the US government has made of our world (so much unfixable damage has been done), that God will have to intervene.

I have a theory, which I wrote at the end of Appendix 1, but I really have no idea how God sees all that has transpired, and how we the people have become so complacent and uninterested in what's happening in the world, that He may not help this present generation.OR He will understand that some of us simply fell victim to the evil that has ruined our world, and He will have mercy for us.None of the damage done can be fixed quickly, and so many people believe some very irrational things about other people because of the evil teachings the Thieves have spread around to divide the people.

It really breaks my heart what these EVIL people have done to our world. At one point while editing the Freedom Thieves book, I realized that these evil people are doing way more than would be needed to simply control the people. What they are doing is actually destroying the earth and all of us as well!  They are working for satan and not trying to steal God's creation, but are trying to DESTROY God's people and all of creation!

So you can call me a lunatic, crazy, say I am on drugs or are a delusional blind fool. I don't really care, for I will continue to search for Truth (and write about it)––especially the truth of God.