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The Arrogance of Evolution

Evolution is behind why our healthcare system is in a crisis. Evolution is behind why most of the people in our government keep passing unnecessary bills that are actually ruining life on Earth, rather than doing what they claim they are doing. Evolution is behind all the medical schools. Evolution is behind everything––yet only one creationist has realized this horrendous fact that I know of (in our lifetime, that is––there have been others in the past)!

Evolution is behind the enemies of the people of our world, and only now are people discovering this because they are faced with the consequences of evolutionarily arrogant people who use evolution to their advantage. Evolution is behind every single one of the Freedom Thieves (Thieves), who are trying to steal God's creation––and our freedom!

Is there Proof of Evolution?
Evolution scientists claim that every living organism shares the same genetic code, which is absurd. DNA itself proves quite the opposite––each individual living organism has its very own genetic code.

Evolution contradicts the most basic laws of nature. When presented with the so-called proof, most will see just how untrue it all is, as well as how easy it is to unmask it.

However, when you try to explain to some Darwinians, they have an irrational aversion against the idea of a God who has created mankind. Evolutionists themselves openly say "they have no real proof of evolution, but the only other option is God, and that is not an option!"

"No matter what the outcome of our research says, we will defend the theory of evolution because God simply is not an option."

A basic scientific fact is that information never comes out of the blue. Billions of elements are all interconnected in such a way that they make the most amazing functions of a living organism possible.

The two basic rules in science are: 1. Information always comes from an external source; and 2. Function always requires intelligent organization.

But the theory of evolution states there is no intelligent organization. So from the very beginning "evolution goes radically against two of the most basic realities of our world."

Information and order both require an external source. Mutations that add new and useful information do not exist. Mutations are errors that occur in our DNA––NOT new and useful information. Evolution states that mutations drive evolution, so where did the DNA come from?
You would need a very specific type of mutation to turn a fish into a lion, right? You need brand new information that is completely different from what is already present in the organism. A snake has completely different information in its DNA than an eagle, yet evolution says reptiles evolved into birds. Everything would need to be completely reprogrammed. These specific types of mutations needed for evolution to be true have never been observed.

All mutations do not have new information to make the mutation a good thing––they are all negative for the organism, not helpful at all. Evolution scientists are still looking for these information-adding mutations that should be everywhere, all throughout history for evolution to be true. The truth is, they have not found them yet.

If mutations are the driving force of evolution, where is the evidence? Today clinging to an unproven theory is called scientific, and has even become the condition to be accepted in the global scientific community. Unfortunately for the fake scientists, all fossils are quite young compared to their prehistoric man. All fossils have been proven to be created by catastrophic water events such as Noah's flood, which is just under fifty-five hundred years old.

Dr. Jonas Salk & the Philosophy of Evolution
Nature appears to be a higher being in Jonas Salk's mind, much like God, since Nature is the one making the decisions in this supposition, as you can see from this excerpt from Jonas Salk's book The Survival of the Wisest.

"Accordingly, Man must try to know as much as possible about Nature's ways of "error-correcting," through mechanisms of "regulation and control," both for augmenting health and reducing disease, if he is to develop a niche in which he can also experience the greatest number of healthy, constructive, creative individuals. This implies a need to determine how to deal best with the problem posed by Nature's tendency to eliminate the unfit, or those who do not fit well, which differs from Man's tendency to try to preserve human life regardless of fitness."

Seems so to me this is counterintuitive to a godless stance on life. The only way that evolution can be true is the assumption that there is no god, nor higher being calling the shots. Yet, here we have Jonas Salk stating that a being, called Nature, is doing just that.

Evolution suggests that mankind lives in an ever-changing world. The subject of Darwin's books is that of brutality and disregard for human life. His racism was of utmost importance for his warped theory demanded that the best of us emerge from the pool of evolving human beings.

For Darwin, evolution was ongoing and thus must be seen in the human race. Therefore, he saw the European branch of humanity was the most developed, leaving other peoples inferior and unequal to himself, and therefore expendable.

Dr. Jonas Salk's beliefs are all based on Darwin's false Theory of Evolution, and therefore false. Salk believes that mankind is now "in transition between two major epochs in man's evolutionary history, in which previously prevailing values are forced by natural laws to undergo radical transformation and even inversion."

Salk, and all Evolutionists, believe that mankind is in a state of evolution where species suicide is necessary––and they plan to help us!

Mankind, except the Thieves and their puppets of course, are seen as in opposition to both nature and man. The Thieves consider themselves on the side of nature, and therefore they are the actual human species.

However, the Thieves do not actually believe this for they created this illusionary world where they have convinced mankind that nature is against us, always trying to attack us––but they do not believe this themselves.

Darwinism is at the heart of satanism, and satanism is at the base of all secret societies. Therefore, Darwin's point of view was a bit warped, to say the least. Darwin believed that "the western nations of Europe now so immeasurably surpass their former savage progenitors that they stand at the summit of civilization. The civilized races of mankind will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races throughout the world...."

Today this mind-set has evolved into:
"Life is a random mutation, there is nothing wrong with mutating life."

"We must mutate mankind into becoming more than man through secret experimentations, injections and diet, because mankind is just a manimal."

"Death is just as holy as life. Therefore there is nothing wrong with scientists mutating the species."

"We can do experimentation on children in the womb."

“We are at a point in the course of human social evolution when the demands of survival converge with the higher ideals of humankind and the well-being and flourishing of human society. It is up to us to see that we navigate this transition, adapting to and emerging in a new reality.” A New Reality by the son of Jonas Salk––just as delusional as his father.

The above quote from this book tells us what we really need to know––the Thieves believe, or are trying to make us believe they believe this––that it is their duty to to steer mankind in the right direction in order to navigate this transition that they are trying to convince us that mankind is in.

Evolution supposedly claims that "our country is divided and polarized; terrorism is a major threat throughout much of the world; Mass migrations are causing national and international tension; population growth continues to increase; controversy rages as to the use of fossil fuels versus the development of alternative forms of energy; disagreement continues about climate change; opposing currents of opinion collide as to how much we should help other areas in the world and how much to help ourselves; and basic values are in conflict––as if this is all mankind's fault.

REALITY IS that all of this was caused by the Thieves, and has nothing to do with mankind. It is all a part of their evil plan to control the world, the people and their money. That's it. That is what all this one hundred sixty years of lies and illusions is all about!

Mankind is not in any dire straights except that they are being held captive by the Thieves. The only thing that needs to be changed is to destroy the Thieves and all their puppets so they cannot do this to our Earth and God's creation ever again!

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin wrote with more hopeful enthusiasm, than triumph––or proof of his theory of evolution––his theory has never been proven. While Darwin thought he had a handle on evolution as a whole, he did not understand the supposed evolution of the human mind. His theory has been manipulated since his death, and has morphed into something quite ridiculous, but dangerous.

Darwin explains that natural selection is a micro-scale process in which local environments favor variants within local populations. He believed that progress could come only from favorable living circumstances.

What he is actually saying is that any humans forced to live under deplorable conditions, with such limited technology, would soon behave like savages. Therefore his observance of savages on an island far from civilization, would not be proof of evolution.

Darwin believed that natural selection produced human mental and social capacities in primeval times. In particular, he assumed that the foundation of human morals arose by selection on group differences: "It must not be forgotten that although a high standard of morality gives but a slight or no advantage to each individual man and his children over other men of the same tribe, yet that an increase in the number of well-endowed men and an advancement in the standard of morality will certainly give an immense advantage to one tribe over another. A tribe including many members who, from possessing in a high degree the spirit of patriotism, fidelity, obedience, courage, and sympathy, were always ready to aid one another, and to sacrifice themselves for the common good, would be victorious over most other tribes; and this would be natural selection," (Darwin 1874).

Darwin didn't really believe in his own theory wholeheartedly. The Theory of Evolution has definitely evolved over these past one hundred forty years, not because anyone actually believed this bizarre theory, but because it served a purpose for the satanic Freemasons––the Thieves.

Darwin's Theory was apparently a starting point and grew from there. At the same time a supposed French scientist, Louis Pasteur, built upon this Theory, which in turn created a Medical Profession that is brutally primitive, and a complete LIE.

Pasteur's Germ Theory of Disease is not only completely primitive in its description, it is inherently wrong. He never proved his theory, although many articles online state that he did in fact prove it. This is a lie.

This theory has also created many avenues for the CIA's lies as well. They have convinced mankind that there are actually bio-weapons in order to instill fear into mankind. The only way these microorganisms can become a bio-weapon is to inject them into a body, and perhaps they might work. Most likely they won't work because the body will eliminate them. However, if they are accompanied by a particular harmful drug, then we have a different story.

Evolution is behind all of these false theories, and it is all to keep we the people in fear––fear of our own bodies and fear of nature. God would never have created mankind and then given him food that can kill him. He would never have given mankind a place to live that would also always be out to get him. This is foolishness, and a big fat Lie.

It isn't actually Evolution that is arrogant, it is today's evil people who perpetuate the lies of evolution upon us. They actually use DNA to try to prove evolution is truth, when in fact the very presence of DNA disproves evolution! DNA is unique to each individual species––DNA can only be the result of a Divine Designer.

Evolution cannot be proven to be true because it is a bunch of hogwash created by those who do not believe in God. In fact, evolution has been disproved by Antoine Bechamp, a true scientist who lived during Darwin's life. Bechamp discovered the existence of a type of bacteria that he called microzymas. However, they are not simply bacteria (although they can change into bacteria when needed), but are actually the substance of life!

This Life is in our blood––and God states in several places in the Torah that Life is in the blood! Bechamp actually found the Life that God put on this Earth in order to create every single living creature on it! This is precisely why Bechamp was nearly the only person who did not believe in Darwin's theory.

Edited / Updated 2-25-22