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What God Really Wants from Us

“I set the Heavens and the Earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore choose life that both you and your descendants may live,” (Deuteronomy 30:19).

So what exactly does God mean in this verse? Notice also that His two witnesses are in fact the Heavens and the Earth, of course figuratively––or is it? I believe God is saying here that when He says the Heavens, he means all those who live there. And the Earth represents all those on the Earth.

The consequences for obeying or disobeying God and His Word are built into God’s creation, we actually become our own judges. We have the power to have a good, and protected eternal life by obeying God, or we can choose to die both spiritually and physically by disobeying Him. This is what God meant by choose life––He wants you to choose eternal life with Him. Not many will choose this.

Most know this as free will. God has given us the instruction book (Torah) on how to live on this corrupt Earth, and because of free will we have the choice of which Way to go.

God’s biggest concern has always been mankind’s worshiping other gods––what He calls playing the harlot. Most may not think they are actually worshipping another god, but our actions tell Yeshua otherwise. When we give something or someone more importance than God, then we are worshiping another god.

Playing the harlot has gotten so out of control that this act has turned into a giant, horrible beast with seven heads! This beast represents the seven empires God used to carry out His wrath when His people failed to heed the messages He sent through His prophets. He knew how important it was for His people to heed His warnings, for He knew that the heathen could corrupt them beyond saving.

By the time Revelation was written, most of the congregations were already deep into apostasies, and none of the rest of the eleven (of the original twelve) apostles were alive when John supposedly wrote it, so who is John’s proposed audience? If John really wrote it, it is a warning for today––for those who would be alive during the end times. However, keep in mind that Revelation does not state anything different than any other prophet of God in the true Scriptures. All it states are the same rebukes, and then hope at the end––like all the other prophets. The message is the same.

Life has been about mankind rejecting Yahweh God as their Creator, rejecting His Torah as the Word of God, as well as the fact that mankind continually thinks he can improve upon what God has created. Mankind has always rejected God.

Although mankind thinks so, he does not know better than God. Mankind will never be able to fix this mess satan and mankind has gotten us into. God’s people need to turn back to Yahweh Yeshua––and soon, if they are ever to see their Salvation (eternal life with Him in Paradise).

All of God’s warnings through His prophets end with a message of hope––the hope of God’s Salvation. However, in the past all of God’s people did not heed His warnings and they eventually ended up in captivity; in the process many lives were lost.

Why is God warning His people?
God’s people are living in the heathen world acting just like the heathen, all the while being surrounded by another world that they think they are living in––a false religiosity. What is worse is that they manipulate God’s Torah, molding it to conform to their own set of rules, yet profess to be believers in God’s Word. Yahweh has continually warned His people, yet they never stopped their sinful ways. As they have always done, today mankind is living through the consequences of their actions of complacency and ignorance.

In Noach’s days all mankind had shown their true colors as being evil and corrupt (Genesis 6:1-8), so much so that God destroyed all but eight people in order to start over. In Lot’s days, both the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were corrupt with homosexuality, and He rained fire and brimstone (the ingredients of lower sheol) upon both of these cities and all their inhabitants. Only Lot and his daughters were saved––but only because of Noach’s righteousness.

Today anything goes––not only among the heathen, but also within Christian churches, synagogues and Messianic congregations. We have temporary fixes and feel-good religion. Sex outside of marriage and adultery have become sex between consulting adults. Moral irresponsibility is now called Freedom to find oneself. Depravity, creative self-expression, and even pedophilia and murder are considered personal choice! Children are killing children! Obscene and disgusting behavior is now tolerated within our congregations, and even taught in our schools as alternate lifestyles! May God hopefully forgive us!

Something is very wrong with life on this corrupt Earth––yet no one seems to see it. Believers don’t see it even though they profess to know the word of God. It is understandable for the heathen not to know what sin is, but it seems as if believers no longer know what sin is either. Even though we see evil all around us more and more, we haven’t got a clue. We have false prophets telling us life will get better on this Earth, all the while the Earth is falling apart all around us! Life on this corrupt Earth is getting worse and worse each day. We are nearing the end, yet no one sees it––and no one is repenting to God!

Leviticus 26:1 is the Second Commandment which tells us not to make nor worship idols or other gods. God gave His people these Commandments so they would be able to live on this corrupt Earth, relatively unscathed. But we have not kept His Commandments, in fact we’ve scoffed at them and even changed them––because of course, we know better than God! Throughout His Torah (Word) God has let His people know what will happen to them if they do not listen to Him nor keep His Commandments.

In Leviticus 26:3 it states that if we walk in God’s statutes and keep His Commandments, verses 4-13 are ours. If we continue to play the harlot and disobey God (verses 14-15), we will receive all the curses in verses 16-44.

Jonah and Nahum
Nineveh was given the same warning that we are being given today: turn back to God and His Torah. Nineveh is the only city and people in the Bible that heeded the warning of God’s prophet, Jonah. The whole city turned back to God, and they were saved from God’s wrath.

Unfortunately, only one hundred years later Nineveh was in sin again, so God sent His prophet Nahum this time. The people of Nineveh did not heed God’s warning this time. Nineveh is no more.

Today we do not have the luxury of time any longer––time is almost up. We spent the last one hundred years or so going against God, and never even looked back––nor did we heed the prophets' words of the past as being for us as well as the Israelites. We have done wickedly!

Nineveh is evidence that it is possible to change the results of a warning of a prophet of God. God's warning is in several of the prophets in the Bible, and it is for the people of the Earth today. We now have a choice––we can choose to disobey God’s warning...

OR we can choose to repent and turn back to God. This is what God has always wanted from us, and He still does. God wants the whole world to repent and return to Him right NOW––and He will heal our land and us!

If we do not heed Him, God may help us out of this mess this time––however, He will bring us into something that is much, much worse in the near future because we have all ignored His Call!

If we do not repent and return to God, as it stands right now, pretty much the whole world (minus a handful of people) is going to perish very soon if God chooses not to help us––which He could very well do given our pure rebellion toward Him. You decide––based on the evidence, which way should God go?

RegroupingPresently, the Thieves are backing off of the vaccine mandates which gives the appearance that they are admitting defeat. However, they will never admit defeat––they have an agenda to fulfill. It is highly possible that they are planning to engage in a huge war, in which America may be the victim. It seems a good time to get right with God, don't you think?

Updated 2-24-22