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All of the first and past pandemics were created by vaccines, and/or bad nutrition and sanitation conditions. The smallpox pandemic was created by the Smallpox vaccine. Viruses are not contagious and cannot invade a person's body or cells. The only way you can get someone else's virus is if it is injected into you. There is nothing in the air, there is nothing in your food, and there is nothing invading your body and cells. What we call germs are NOT pathogens.

Louis Pasteur's Germ Theory of Disease is what started all this talk of germs. However, he believed this because this theory is based on a false belief that there is no God. Pasteur was a Freemason and Darwinian.

All Freemasons are satanists and pedophiles. You need to know this to understand where these Freedom Thieves' (Thieves) minds are, and how this (known) false germ theory was allowed to take over our lives.

Viruses, bacteria, toxicity and disease go hand in hand because most doctors worldwide think that viruses and bacteria cause disease. They think this because all medical schools are owned by the Rockefeller foundation and teach only Louis Pasteur's false germ theory of disease. You have been lied to your entire life about disease!

Today's modern science states, incorrectly and without proof (which goes against everything that we know that is science), that viruses originate outside the body, then hijack the RNA or DNA of the cell, and then replicate whilst attacking cells indiscriminately. If this were true, viruses would replicate endlessly, eventually attacking all healthy cells, and would have killed all creation six thousand years ago! But we know they do not do this, because we are all still here, aren't we?

A virus does not inject its RNA to replicate, since a large number of cells are producing viruses. The only time a virus replicates is when the cell is creating it––the cell is replicating it for a specific place in your body in order to heal that part of your body.

Think about it––why would God create mankind and animals to live on the Earth if He was going to give them poisoned food, and microorganisms that search them out 24/7 to attack them?

What most people have been taught about viruses is that microorganisms cause disease by invading the body from without, but in fact they do not. This germ theory, is just that––a false theory that has never been proven. And it is completely based on another unGodly theory––God does not exist, so these scientists had to come up with why the body gets sick. Charles Darwin came along and gave them an answer––one that was devised by the Freemasons and satanists.

Disease Begins with Toxicity
All disease results from the condition of mankind's internal environment, and his/her exposure to toxins––either in foods or manmade air pollutants. Bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses are all part of the microbiome of all living organisms. They are essential in our existence––they are not the direct causes of disease, and in fact, manifest or replicate in order to reverse a toxic condition; being used and regulated intelligently by the body.

In the past, plagues and widespread deaths were always caused by mankind's own actions or the result of environmental causes. Much of man's past problems are no different than they are now. Most problems throughout history were caused by man's diet in the civilized world. Most people were peasants and lived in cruel and hard working conditions, and they had very little in the way of proper nutrition, while the rulers were kings and queens who had diets rich in meat and fruits. Add to these normal conditions, the fact that all of our food, soil, air and water have been poisoned for at least the past one hundred sixty years, and you will find it is common to observe the eventual detoxification of a population that is unhealthy.

People get sick for one reason and one reason only: toxins. There are several ways for toxins to enter the body: inhalation, electromagnetic waves that go through our bodies, what we put on our skin, ingest or have injected are what cause what we call disease. If you are eating foods that aren't really food (such as your favorite cereal every single day, for more than one meal, or vegetable oils, which are only one molecule away from being plastic!), and can most likely cause blockages in your system, you have put toxins into your body. These toxins manifest as poisons within the body or on the skin.

If you are someone who has had several physical problems most of your life (such as tonsillitis or appendicitis which both have to do with the immune system––your body was fighting against toxins), there is only one reason, and you would never have needed any surgeries if you had been eating healthy food, and had not been exposed to toxins and pollutions in your lifetime.

Therefore, disease begins within the body––the body is NOT infected by any invisible microorganisms from outside it. Disease, or whatever scary name the doctors have given your illness, is not the actual illness––disease is designed to alert you to the fact that you have been around a toxic substance and inhaled it, or you have ingested a toxic food or substance, or you have put a toxic substance on your skin––or radio waves are going through your body!

Disease is not what we think it is. What has been cleverly labeled with all kinds of scary names, are what our doctors call diseases––all so they can prescribe a drug to make us even sicker. While most doctors do not know what the drugs actually do to the human body, the drug companies do. These drugs simply add to whatever already ails you––more of the same, or even something new added.

What appears as disease only happens when our bodies are detoxing because our internal terrain has been compromised by:
• Environmental toxic pollution
• Chemical inundation
• Heavy metal exposure (can come from electromagnetic waves, as well as some dental implants)––heavy metals cause brain, pituitary gland, nervous system, hypothalamus, cell and pineal gland damage
•  Poor air quality (deliberate air pollution)
• Poor food quality (poisons in our food supply, genetically modified foods or poor food choices––some choices that are made with toxic chemicals to the human body have deliberately been put in front of us and called food––but it is not food).
• Nutritional deficiencies (including foods altered so they bypass the digestive system)
• Exposure to Electromagnetic Waves––cancers have been found to form, as well as all kinds of radiation exposure illnesses (microwaves, HAARP, X-rays, MRIs, mobile phones, etc.––brain cells, other cells, sleep patterns, behavioral patterns, bone development, reproduction system, immune system, DNA and mRNA are damaged)
• All Medical treatments, such as chemo therapy
• All Medications, antibiotics and all vitamins (Rockefeller owns and controls the vitamin industry, as well as the drug industry–they are not safe!)
• Vaccines of all kinds––all are extremely dangerous to the human body! The boosters are even worse––they are designed to make the human body weaker, and destroy the immune system (and more!) until they finally die an early death.

What we call disease is the body reacting to the above toxins and endeavoring to rid itself of them. This process may include fever, vomiting and diarrhea, etc. If the immune system has been weakened and impaired, illnesses and symptoms will be far more extreme and the likelihood of death will be much greater.

Your body is always on alert to remove toxins at any given time. Besides cold, flu or pneumonia symptoms, all diseases that have manifested as the result of these toxins, are just that––a manifestation of the detoxification going on in your body.

Depending on how much toxicity the body is storing, the result of that detox is sometimes a very unpleasant experience, and in some cases death can occur if the body has been compromised greatly by the toxins. When the body tries to get rid of too many toxins, what is needed are solvents (viruses) to rid them from the body through perspiration, mucus excretions, stool and urine.

There are intelligent forces behind the actions of viruses. If this was not so, we would see exact outcomes between all people, being non-discriminatory, yet we do not. Viruses are therefore intelligent actions of cells under duress. Being living agents, cells have survival mechanisms. Although viruses are not alive, they are the expression of living cells when cells are attempting to restore themselves and prevent mass-cellular degeneration and death.

This allows the virus, with the help of white blood cells, to dissolve specific tissue by engulfing the matter in the outer coating and gradually dissolving the matter by disassembling it, just as an enzyme would break down food and diluting it with water. In order for a virus to break down cells, tissue, and their waste, there must be a solvent factor involved. The same is true for other agents in the body that have different roles.

Virus Facts
Rather than invade our cells, the following micro-organisms can be found within our cells to begin with: eColi, Listera, bacteria, microbes, fungi, parasites and viruses; and are there to help our bodies break down toxins and heal. Regular living microbial methods, such as phagocytes, bacteria, parasites, or fungi usually do the job of detoxing, but viruses, which function as non-living solvents of toxins are manufactured by our own cells only when too much toxin kills the other, living microbes.

When there is toxicity in our cells because of toxins being inhaled, ingested or being injected into us, then our cells call upon scavenger bacteria and other microbes to destroy the toxic matter. Bacteria, as well as all living microbes eat the toxic matter. Viruses, which are not alive, are solvents and dissolve the toxic matter. When the toxicity is too much for the living microbes, they will die, then the non-living solvents (viruses) are created by our cells to continue the destruction of the toxic matter. They dissolve the toxic matter, breaking it down so it can be expelled from the cells and the body.

When a cell creates a virus, it embeds the core of the virus with RNA and DNA communication keys, and layers it under a protein surfactant coating made of a gel-like water membrane that envelopes the virus (called capsid and coat).

Viruses begin as particles without purpose. When needed, the genome of the cells in a particular part of the body that contains toxins, begins to manufacture proteins known as viruses.

This genome contains all the instructions for a cell to manufacture the necessary proteins. The cells in the affected area will create the proteins so that they may successfully dissolve matter (this is called Viral Pleomorphism). This form of mutation only happens during cellular creation of viruses.

The particles of viral parts exist in the cytoplasm of each cell. These protein particles are called into the nucleus and are structured into their whole form when needed. At this point the viruses are whole proteins and ready to go to work.

Bacteria and viruses are cyclical in nature because the body itself is cyclical. When the temperature and humidity are just right, the cells and tissues of the body will dump toxicity into the blood for removal. Our bodies store toxic matter until a time when the body normally detoxes, which is usually when the outside temperature begins to change, such as in winter. The detoxification process presents as cold-like, sinus-type infection, flu-like or pneumonia-type symptoms, depending upon the amount of toxicity present.

This is why many people become sick during the winter. They are not really sick, but detoxing. When their cells have completely expelled all the dead toxic matter in the form of mucus, bowel movements or through our skin (sweat or pustules), and even vomiting, their bodies feel much better––actually better than they have felt during the entire time the toxins were being stored.

COVID-19 does not exist because SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated or purified––because there was never anything to isolate and purify. If it truly existed, there would be plenty of samples from patients to isolate and purify.

Top Chinese scientists admitted they never isolated the virus. The CDC stated no quantified isolate was available. The CDC admitted they made a digital virus of 30,000 base pairs using 37 actual sample base pairs: the stitched-together Frankenstein virus was a computer-generated, digital virus, not a real virus!

And then there is the fact that a virus is in fact a protein solvent that dissolves toxic matter. It is not alive. Need more proof? Search online––there is lots of information.

Because the body is working hard to break down and eliminate those toxins, more symptoms appear. A greater degree of symptoms will be experienced if that person is highly toxic. That means symptoms like coughing, sneezing, heavy mucus, phlegm and fever, diarrhea, etc. all increase in order to expel that dead toxic matter from the body. That is how the body functions. Without symptoms, the body cannot rid itself of toxicity––toxins must be expelled somehow.

This is why viruses are NOT CONTAGIOUS. They are NOT alive and do not survive outside of the body. This is true of all microorganisms that our government and fake scientists are always trying to tell us can be used as bio-weapons––the only way a virus can be used as a bio-weapon is if it is injected. Even then, the body will identify it as foreign matter and expel it as a toxin. What is being injected in these so-called vaccines are some very dangerous drugs.

Any injection is considered a vaccine. The entirety of virology and vaccine science is predicated on one thing––that viruses are infectious agents that cause disease. Without this theory, vaccines would not be effective or work in the minds of the people. Without the germ theory, vaccines would be useless. But the virus/germ theory is WRONG. The fear behind any virus is wholly unwarranted. Forget everything you think you know about viruses and bacteria. You have been lied to!

If vaccines truly prevented disease, we would have no viruses. Polio would be eradicated, and would not still exist under many other different names. We would not have yearly flus, or colds, nor measles and chickenpox, nor would any manner of so-called vaccine-preventable diseases ever befall mankind.

Those that adhere to vaccine science also adhere to the false notions set forth in their theories on bacteria, parasites, and fungus. In reality, there is no period on Earth where these microbes have not co-existed harmoniously with mankind.

Strong supporters of vaccines believe that taking the step to vaccinate is not endangering lives. In reality, by its very nature, vaccinating is a giant step that endangers anyone who is injected with foreign chemical serums into the body (serums that are never quite completely disclosed to the public).

Vaccines do not work––ever! It has been proven that they actually CAUSE disease! They cause the body to not properly detoxify the toxins being stored in it, and so the body can not cleanse itself in the face of toxicity. Vaccines stop the detoxification process and that person could die an early death from eventual disease manifestation, and toxic overload––on top of the disease the vaccine was designed to give.

Eventually, toxins will reach a level where the body can no longer regulate them rationally, and the body will become weak and die. Viruses are a last resort to detox the body, and stopping their processes is just plain stupid––it results in unnecessary death!

Trust your body always, for it is far more intelligent than the mind. God has covered everything and made a way for the body to heal itself in almost any situation, as long as we stop interfering with its healing processes.

If your body isn't feeling good or has diarrhea or any other type of malady, it is your body detoxing. Yes, it is uncomfortable and even painful, but you are not sick––you are detoxing. If you allow it to run its course, and stop putting poisons into your body, and put the right nutrients into your body, then these detoxes will become less and less eventually––allow your body to heal before you run to the doctor.

And STOP TAKING THE BOOSTERS! They are poisoning you! They are NOT boosters of a vaccine, they are drugs designed to kill your immune system and weaken you––until you die!

Vaccines were never intended to heal people––they are bio-weapons designed to be used against people––to kill them slowly (take a look at the ingredients of a vaccine above––there is nothing helpful or healthful to the body in this list!).
They and the boosters are the depopulation tools for the Thieves. Remember who is behind these deadly instruments: the Freedom Thieves who have a centuries-old agenda to control and eventually destroy God's world. Interestingly, what these Thieves don't realize is that if they destroy God's world, they not only destroy all mankind and creatures on the Earth, they destroy the Earth as well––and ultimately, themselves.

Bill Gates, who is not a doctor and has no idea what he is talking about––he is just making up things to scare us––is now warning of a coming terrorist smallpox pandemic. Only those who take the smallpox vaccine will get something that acts and looks like smallpox. Those who choose not to take the vaccine will NOT get this disease. Bill Gates, as well as all of the Thieves and their puppets, knows the Germ Theory of Disease is false!

Microzyma and Somatid
Just as Antoine Bechamp discovered microzyma, Gaston Naessens also discovered them, but named them somatid. They are one and the same, Naessens just discovered them much later in history (since Béchamp's work was suppressed to let Pasteur's fake science take over, most of the amazing things about the human body are being discovered all over again).

Gaston Naessens has thoroughly documented the life cycle of the somatid. Naessens discovered that somatid are nearly indestructible. They resisted blasts of radiation, temperatures up to 392 degrees, and even outlived the strongest acids. Naessens mapped the somatid's (or microzyma's) pleomorphic life cycle. Others, especially Dr. Royal Rife, have also documented the pleomorphic changes in bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds and fungi.

Microzyma are the seeds of life. They produce bacteria in our world. They are not bacteria but are more of a mold spore that needs moisture to begin to multiply, to produce bacteria and molds depending on their location, environment and temperature. They are the seed by which living micro-organisms flow from.

Just like a grape seed, which contains all the information for the grape plant to grow, but first the seed must be planted in soil and watered with the right climate. Microzyma will revert to the nonliving seed state again as they wither––however, they cannot be destroyed. They withstand even the hottest temperatures and cannot be destroyed.

Hippocratic medicine recommended a healthy diet and physical exercise as a remedy for most ailments. If this did not reduce sickness, some type of herbal medication was recommended––plants were processed for their medicinal elements. The Hippocratic Corpus also describes how joints could be repositioned, the importance of keeping records of case histories and treatments, and the relationship between the weather and some illnesses.

In 1977 two doctors dared to question the Germ Theory of Disease when they observed some very disturbing facts. Fortunately, they had access to some of Antoine Bechamp's research and findings. They found that Bechamp followed Hippocrates because he found his medical research to be sound and accurate. Although it needed to be reworded so today's physicians could understand, it was definitely very accurate. Hippocrates, despite the fact that he never did one autopsy, knew the human body very well. Bechamp was very wise to follow his medicine practices. More on Antoine Bechamp in Chapter 6.

The Damage Done (updated 4-3-22 with new info)
The Medical industry can be retrained to treat human beings as the human beings we are. It will take time, but it can be done. False Darwinian teachings on Evolution can be removed from all medical schools immediately, and CRT teachings can be removed from all schools immediately!
The Infrastructure of our broken buildings, streets, pipelines and bridges can be rebuilt. The economy can be completely revamped and we can go back to the gold standard and print our own money. Hopefully credit will no longer be possible––if the banks do not remove credit, then this will happen all over again.

The drugs and vaccines can be outlawed and destroyed, HAARP can be destroyed so it can no longer be used on people to harm them, the spraying of our skies with nano-particles of aluminum and plastics (and chemicals?) can be stopped, the CIA can be dismantled, and the FBI retrained and reprogrammed; as well as senior officers fired and prosecuted. The FDA can be fired, prosecuted and revamped.

We need to stop spraying pesticides of all kinds, outlaw pasteurization, everything they do to milk as a part of it, and homogenization as well. We need to outlaw all the poisons that are allowed by the FDA to be put into our packaged foods. These EVIL people have touched EVERYTHING, so EVERYTHING needs to be inspected and purified––especially how things are processed! The only reason sugar (or any processed food) is bad is because it is highly processed using chemicals!

The Evangelicals who melded themselves to the Thieves need to be fired and prosecuted, and our Bible scholars need to restudy the Scriptures from before 1693 to give us a TRUE Bible.

I have been given wrong information about vaccines––that they have deposited metals into our brains, which cause neurological diseases, and I've read that they cannot be completely removed by the viruses. However, I have since been shown that this is not true!

Our bodies were designed to heal themselves of almost anything, and even a vaccine is seen as foreign matter to our cells. Our cells manufacture the viruses to dissolve anything foreign to the body, which would include any metals or other foreign matter, including poisons injected into us.

The Thieves have been trying to kill us all for about 330 years, and have never succeeded. About 160 years ago is when vaccines and drugs were created and began to be used upon people, which caused many deadly diseases. It was the vaccines and drugs that caused these diseases to be deadly.

However, humanity continued to thrive and multiply! Mankind cannot become extinct, no matter what the Thieves try! Whether or not you believe in God, it is because God created our bodies to heal themselves of just about anything!

If you are given drugs, vaccines or treatments to help cure you of a disease, know that all of these are designed to kill mankind! Vaccines are the number one culprit of disease causing agents today.

There is so much to be done, but with time it can all be fixed––IF our President allows it all to happen. Only time will tell us if God will need to step in to save mankind, or allow mankind to continue as is, and heal. However, know that life as we have known it will NOT continue as it has been. It will change in some way. Pray that it is for the better of mankind. There has been collateral damage, but humanity will still prevail no matter what these evil people do! Mankind can in fact prevail despite what these evil people try!


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IntechOpen Conclusions:Electromagnetic Waves and Human Health | IntechOpen Book Series Although electronic devices and the development in communications makes the life easier, it may also involve negative effects. These negative effects are particularly important in the electromagnetic fields in the Radio frequency (RF) zone which are used in communications, radio and television broadcasting, cellular networks and indoor wireless systems. Along with the widespread use of technological products in daily life, the biological effects of electromagnetic waves has began to be more widely discussed. The general opinion is that there is no direct evidence of hazardous effects on human health incurred by low-frequency radio frequency waves. Studies at the cellular level, which uses relatively higher frequencies, demonstrate undesirable effects. In recent years there are a lot of studies about effects of EMF on cellular leve l; DNA, RNA molecules, some proteins, and hormones, intracellular free radicals, and ions are shown. Particularly, the dramatically increasing number of mobile phones users rise significant concerns due to its potential damage on people exposed by radio frequency waves. There are increasing number of in vivo, in vitro, and epidemiologic studies on the effects of mobile phones, base stations and other EMF sources in last twenty years. Epidemiologic evidence compiled in the past ten years starts to indicate an increased risk, in particular for brain tumor, from mobile phone use. Because of mobile phones used close the brain tissue, electromagnetic waves affects it the most.

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