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Sects, Quacks & Liars

Judaism and Christianity both are full of sects, every one of them believe something different and every one of them claim to be what God really intended. A sect is division. Does that sound like something God intended? Do you really think God wants all of us to believe in something different and argue over it? Does anyone else have a problem with that? Are these different beliefs in the Scriptures? What does God say about believing something different than what He laid out in the Scriptures?

What we know today is not right, and it is definitely not of God. Other religions, and that is what a sect is––another religion––God called heathen. They believe in another god. God calls believing in another god idolatry, harlotry, etc.

Let's see, what else does He say? He says to not do as the heathen do many times throughout Scripture. Take a look at most people who claim to know God. Do they act and talk like Godly people, or do they act just like every other heathen you see or hear? Do they go around saying, "God Bless you," and then turn around and drop F-bombs all the time, claiming that it is OK to do so?

There are no swear words in the Hebrew language (at least the original Hebrew language that is), and therefore those of us who speak another language should not be using them, especially as people of God––who are supposed to be holy because God is holy.

Believers in God are supposed to look different than the heathen. Believers are commanded to not do as the heathen do because of this. God wants His people to look and be different to keep us distinct from others who do not believe. Unbelievers will be attracted to us because of our differences. So many believers think it is just the opposite, but the Scriptures tell us otherwise.

There are so many so-called teachers of the Word who teach some really crazy stuff. What they teach is not in the Scriptures, yet no one has noticed because they do not look to check if a teaching is true. Most people do not read their Bibles, which is very sad.

There are even more quacks teaching the Torah in the Messianic movement. They are teaching some really weird things, such as how to say God's Name in strange ways that are impossible to pronounce––which is not true because there is only one (possibly two, according to the Ashkenazi Jews––but they are on my black list right now) way to say Hebrew words in most circles. I have read that the Hebrew language of most Jews in America is that of the Sephardic Jews.

We are talking about the Hebrew language, not some goofy revelation some teacher had on how to say some supposed Hebrew words and names. The Bible is pretty straight forward––it means what it says. There are never any strange revelations about God's teachings, and there are never any strange revelations (or multiple revelations) in God's Word.

Or they are teaching feasts by the wrong names, and therefore get the teaching completely wrong. The Bible is very clear on what each Feast is called, and what it means to God. Yet people repeat teachings they have heard, rather than check the Scriptures. Each of God's Feasts are very clear in the Scriptures, however you do need to read several of the books, including the Kings and Chronicles to find all the details.

There may be a few words that one will need to look up, because our Bibles are not completely accurate––so the words they use may not mean the same as the original Hebrew word. In fact, there is NO actual Bible on the market that is completely accurate. The closest English words to the actual Hebrew words are the English Standard Version and the King James Version. However, they are still not completely accurate. If something seems questionable, and many words should be, we need to look them up in a concordance––which can occasionally be wrong itself.

You have to use a lot of discernment, and listen to the Spirit of God to figure out what a particular verse is stating. Because as I just pointed out, even a concordance is not always correct. I have five different Bible versions, plus the Strong's Concordance, so I can usually come to a pretty good conclusion on a confusing verse. If all fails I look online, but of course that is rarely helpful these days. Just be diligent to listen to the Voice of God, because if you are listening, He will always answer a request to show you the truth.

I looked up a word today because I have just discovered that God does not heal––He doesn't need to. He designed our bodies to heal themselves. So when I discovered that the last sentence in Psalm 103:3 states that God heals all our diseases, in all the Bible versions I have, including the Jewish Tanach (which I just discovered was translated by Askenazis!), I knew I needed to look up diseases. The concordance has a bunch of stuff stating it means sickness or illness or disease, but it also says grievous. The first three words are completely based on our own experience––but our experiences are in error. We have been taught all the wrong things, and so we need to reteach ourselves.

Then I looked up grieves to get a better definition, this is what this verse is saying, based on the previous two verses. God grieves that we need to be healed, and today we don't realize that our bodies do that for us! God gave us all the tools we need to survive in this corrupt world––trust Him, and trust that your body knows what to do to heal itself!

Then there are the popular TV Bible teachers who have big ministries or big congregations. Most of these ministers are the Word of Faith people. They con those who watch them on TV, taking their money and getting richer and richer. The people believe their false teachings, yet the things that are taught never actually work for those watching. These people are Freemasons, and are definitely in cahoots with the Thieves and those in Congress. Unfortunately, they have even edged their way into President Trump's life as well. I hope he has obtained more discernment when it comes to these phoney people!

This means that they too are satanists. While I am not the only one calling these people false teachers, I may be the only one who is calling them satanists. They get rich the same way the satanic people in the White House do––by stealing your money.

Do you tithe to these people? Why? Do they teach the Word of God? Really? What end of the Bible do they teach from? The Israelites tithed to the priests––those who taught the people the Word of God––the Torah. So we should be tithing to those who teach the Word of God––the Torah. The Word of God is NOT the New Testament, it is the Torah (Old Testament)––and it isn't some made up story using one or two verses from the Bible.

These people do not teach the Word of God. In fact they don't even know the Word of God. They preach using the same words over and over again, those words that are in the New Testament. They have them memorized and never study any part of the Bible. If they did actually read it and study it they would find that it is highly altered, and doesn't actually mean what they are teaching.

Updated 2-23-22