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Religions Have Been Altered

Judaism has been changed (it used to be God's Way), Christianity has been changed (it used to be God's Way), and all other religions are very twisted versions of God's Way. God never called His religion anything but His Way––although it isn't really a religion––it is a Way of Life.

We have been lied to about EVERYTHING, so why do we still claim that our Scriptures have stood the test of time in all these past two thousand years? The only way to truth, is to expose the lies and errors, and the wisdom of God is where truth begins, and the knowledge of the Holy One is revealed.

We claim that we do not believe in evolution, yet it has crept into our belief system, and even into the New Testament (and most likely even the newer translations)––and nobody noticed. It is so much a part of what we believe that we incorporate it into everything, even the way we live––we have been programmed (slowly over the years) and our religions and our lives reflect it!

We all need to relearn the true Scriptures (Old Testament): what they really state and how we are really supposed to live our lives accordingly. We need to cut out the worldly parts of our lives, and learn to live holy, as God continually tells us to live. We need to relearn God's Commandments and actually keep and live them!

If you’ve been trusting in traditional teachings rather than the true Scriptures, then perhaps you should question those very beliefs.

Why Torah?
The two words below speak louder than falsities, for they expose the lies and errors that have perpetuated believers for over two thousand years. To understand why this is, you first must know the most important thing a believer in Yeshua (Jesus) must learn: the meaning of the Greek word kainos, and the Hebrew word chadashah.

Why? Because both of these words are translated incorrectly in the Bible wherever a new Covenant or a new Earth and Heavens are spoken of (Isaiah 65:17; Ezekiel 36:26-27; Jeremiah 31:31; Matthew 26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20, 1Corinthians 11:25, 2Corinthians 3:6, Hebrews 8:8 & 9:15 and Revelation 21:1)––and it is the wrong translation of both these words that has caused all the confusion and false teachings in the grafted-in and Messianic believing world.

The confusion over the word new, began with the word for New Moon, which is chodesh. It is from the root word chadash and means to restore to a previous condition. Chadash has nothing to do with new, and neither does the Greek word kainos that was translated from chadash.

However, chodesh has always been translated into English as New Moon, first by the Hebrews, then by our English translators. The translators took this to mean that chadashah (also from chadash) means new wherever it is used––without any further study into the true meaning of this word.

But when you know how Greek influence changed the Hebrew’s way of thinking, you then begin to see what happened. A New Moon isn’t new at all, but a restored to its previous condition Moon.

In reality this Hebrew word chadashah, and the Greek word kainos both translate as restore, with the Hebrew word giving a little more information: restored to its previous condition.

So then we must look at God’s Covenant in a completely different way. If God’s Covenant was restored to its previous condition, then we must look to see what its previous condition was––and then we will find that this previous condition was the Torah, God’s original Covenant.

God does not change and He did not change. Yeshua restored His Way to His disciples. And His Way is the Torah, His one and only original Covenant. Therefore, it is Yeshua (Jesus) and His Torah that we are to follow.

What this all means for believers is that there was NEVER a new Covenant. What Yeshua actually came to the Earth to do was to restore His Original Covenant (Torah) to His people (before He could pay for mankind’s sins). God did NOT bring a new covenant. God’s Covenant was perfect and complete since before mankind was ever created.

Why did God Need to Restore His Original Covenant?
Before, during and after the Babylonian exile, the Israelites were in very grave sin against God. They not only forgot His Torah, they began to reinterpret it according to their own understanding––the true understanding was no longer graspable to them, and thus the beginning of many changes. God had apparently hidden his true meaning of the Scriptures from them when they rejected Him, once again not long after they had returned to Jerusalem.

After the Babylonian exile, sects were formed. These sects took this reinterpreted version of the Torah and began to teach it to God’s people. One of these sects were the Pharisees and they have survived these past two thousand years. Today’s Jews are yesterday’s Pharisees. The reinterpreted Torah is the man-made traditions that Yeshua supposedly (no one really knows if the words in red are really His) spoke of, and it evolved into the Jewish Talmud. The Talmud (their own interpretations of Scripture) is what the Jewish Rabbis still teach today, rather than Scripture. Judaism was born out of the Talmud, not the Torah.

By the time Yeshua was born, God’s Way was long gone and the priests were no longer teaching the Torah. The Pharisees had taken over the task of teaching Torah, therefore they were teaching their own traditions of man to God’s people, not the actual Torah. These traditions of man consist of the many debates and arguments over how to interpret the Scriptures––and they are all wrong!

The Alterers
When you think about what the Freedom Thieves (Thieves) have done to the people of this world over the past three hundred years plus (at least), is there any doubt in your minds that they also completely altered, not only our Bibles, but also our religions?

All religions claim that they have withstood the test of time in all these past two thousand years. But your bubble just popped––nothing was untouched by the Thieves! The Thieves are satanists! Do you really think satan doesn't know God's Word? He most certainly does. Do you think he wants you to know God's true Word and that God came to the Earth Himself to redeem His people? No Way!

Satan, in the form of the Thieves has done whatever was needed to cause ALL people to worship incorrectly! They have altered most of the verses that tell about Yeshua in the Hebrew Scriptures, and in the Christian end of the Bible they have altered most of those verses, even adding verses so people will believe the things that have nothing to do with God's Torah!

They had to––when the Protestants separated from the Catholics, a little truth seeped in. So satan had to make sure even the protestants would never find the truth. However, some of us who have been listening to God's Spirit did indeed find the right direction to go in––even if we haven't found the whole truth just yet.

The Thieves have not only altered your Scriptures, they have also altered your teachings. Many false teachings were inserted into all religions, making it impossible for you to even begin to see what God's true religion is, or if He really has what we call religion.

When someone doesn’t want you to search out the truth of something, they want to control you by keeping you in the lie. We all have been believing the lies of the economy, our healthcare, and much more, but I've noticed that most of you still haven't figured out that your religion has been altered in some way by these Thieves as well! Do you think it might be a good idea to question it now?

These Thieves are both German Jews and Catholics. The Greek alterations began with the Catholics two thousand years ago. The Catholic leaders just plain changed Scripture to fit their false doctrines at every turn. Most of what Catholics believe is not in the Scriptures, not even in their own New Testament.

The Catholic leaders not only altered many verses, they were determined to change all things Hebrew. They changed so many Hebrew things, that you cannot even tell what they are unless you search for them.

The Sabbath was ordained by God to be our day of rest, and He designated that day to be Saturday (although this day was not named after a planet at the first). The Catholics changed that day to Sunday, and it is listed in their canons (if you can find it, because they've moved things around now and reworded them––I found it several years ago before they did this).

The Catholic leaders taught their believers many things that were completely against God's Word, changed the Sabbath day and even punished those who tried to tell them otherwise, or tried to celebrate God's Feasts with the Hebrews.

Then, when the Protestants separated from the Catholics, they brought most of those false teachings with them! Neither the Catholic nor the Protestant leaders read nor teach the true Scriptures, which are the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). The so-called Hebrew and Greek scholars would know that something was off, had they actually studied all the words in their context.

I'm not sure how far back it goes (most likely back to 1693), but all the Popes have been Freemasons, and therefore satanists and pedophiles––and that includes today's Pope Francis. He cannot be trusted at all as a leader of spiritual things! He is an abomination to God! Do you really think Catholic leaders have ever wanted you to learn or believe the real Truth?

The Hebrew alterations began with the Jews more than 2300 years ago. It appears that the Thieves helped themselves to some alteration of a few verses in order to cheat their own people, as well as throw everyone for a loop––because they could. I suspect that these particular Rabbis who created these lies are indeed German Jews––the same as the Thieves. They've been ripping off their own people for quite some time now!

The verses in question are Exodus 23:19, Exodus 34:26 and Deuteronomy 14:21. These verses have been translated pretty much the same, and make no sense at all in the English, according to the context of the verse and the previous verses. Keep in mind that these sentences really have to do with what was mentioned just before them.

These verses have something to do with firstfruits and the Feasts of God, and have absolutely nothing to do with cooking meat in milk. These three verses are the verses that the Rabbis use to back up their claim that meat and milk are not to be mixed, and have created a whole industry around this false teaching!

Usually when God tells us not to do something it is because it was a heathen practice. But in this case Yahweh is not talking about not doing what the heathen do, in fact he hasn’t even mentioned the heathen at all. He is speaking of His Covenant and His Feasts––and timing.

Mystery Solved
One interpretation of these three verses, which actually takes into consideration the context of the verse, is that of R. Joseph ben Isaac Bekhor Shor (twelfth century AD––can't blame this one on the Thieves––unless, of course they changed it back to the original interpretation six hundred years later––someone certainly did)!

He believed that the phrase as it is classically understood, is a mistranslation. In fact, Bekhor Shor states, “the verse has nothing to do with cooking a kid in its mother’s milk or with cooking milk and meat together.”

He wrote that according to the literal meaning, the Hebrew word bashal implies completion, the same as it is used in Genesis 40:10: “...and the clusters thereof brought forth the ripe grapes.”

This is what the verse is saying: do not allow the kid to grow up and be weaned from its mothers milk. In other words, bring it (to offer to God) at the beginning when it is young. This makes it of a part with the beginning of the verse, “the choice first fruits of your soil you shall bring.”

This implies that the fruits are going through the process of maturation, that one should not delay until the fruits are all ripe. R. Joseph ben Isaac Bekhor Shor is adamant that the phrase should be understood as the requirement to bring the first-born animals to God as soon as possible––before they mature.

Not only does this read very well in the context of Exodus 23:19, as Bekhor Shor points out, but it even fits well with the theme in verse 18. In that verse, the Torah commands Israel not to leave over the fat of the sacrifice until morning but to eat the entire sacrifice that evening, at the proper time. In other words, the entire context of verses 18 and 19 is about being punctual about doing God’s service and not waiting or leaving things for later.

Most Jews and Christians both follow teachings that are not in Scripture. Tradition is NOT Scripture. We should always question any teaching that is not in the Bible. We should also question anything in the Bible that does not make sense, such as most of the New Testament.

The New Testament
Not only is the New Testament NOT Scripture (it wasn't even written until about 60AD), which means when Yeshua spoke of the Scriptures, He meant the Torah. Therefore, God was speaking of the Hebrew Scriptures (or the Old Testament)––not something that had not yet been written!

Memorizing New Testament verses that are not in Scripture won't do you much good. Such as Romans 8:26 & 28. Verse 26 uses the word intercession, but the Greek and Hebrew words translated as such, entugehano or paga respectively, in fact mean to take action according to His Word, persistent until it results in His desired outcome.

Intercession has nothing to do with prayer. Yeshua IS God, so He is the One Who would carry out our own prayers. This verse is worded incorrectly stating that His Spirit is the one who actually prays for us, when in fact it should read as He takes action according to His Word for us, because He knows what we really need. He does not pray to someone else to do it for Him. He simply acts (takes action) on our behalves Himself.

Verse 28 is one of the most often quoted verses, yet everyone is quoting it incorrectly, trying to be a comfort to someone (which incidentally, is far from comfort to those who are experiencing something tragic in their lives!)––and all things do NOT work together for our good!

All things is the Greek word pas and actually means wholly. It is speaking of those that love God, NOT things or situations. The Greek reads in English as, “But we know that those who love God, wholly work together for good....,” yet this is not what our Bibles read as. We not only must check the Greek words with the Hebrew words, we also need to find out if the English is even correct. We really cannot trust the New Testament to be truth. The words must be looked up to find the true meanings in just about every case.

Some of the most altered verses in the New Testament are those to do with the behavior of women in a congregation. Romans treated women like property, and there were laws to uphold this treatment during their time in power. Today, the New Testament still contains all these laws specifically designed to control women, and keep them in their place as second-rate citizens, or rather, property. Every one of these verses reflect the Roman laws of the now defunct Roman Empire.

These altered verses are usually explained away as merely speaking to a specific group of people, but this is really not the case. Paul would never have written (dictated) something that would later turn out to be so confusing and misunderstood. Paul was taught by Yeshua Himself, therefore he would never have taught anything that was not in the Torah. The Teaching of God (Torah) is never confusing, and is always very easy to understand if looked at through a Hebrew viewpoint.

Today’s Biblical Greek scholars now agree that many verses were added, because the Greek vocabulary and style is completely different in those verses. This proves that someone not familiar with Hebrew law, thought and practice, wrote those verses.

Some examples are: John 7:53-8:11 (see Leviticus 20:10), 1Corinthians 11:2-16, 1Corinthians 14:26-40, Ephesians 5:22-29, 33 & 6:1-9, 1Timothy 2:8-25 thru 3:1-13 and Colossians 3:18-22 & 4:1, to name a few. There are many more, but this gives you a rough idea. One verse in the New Testament proves all of the above mentioned verses completely wrong: Galatians 3:28.

More Altered New Testament Verses

The New Testament had not even been written yet when Yeshua was on the Earth. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, Yeshua did not teach from the New Testament. As much as we would like to think that every word in the New Testament was written by their respective first-century authors, and still claim that nothing has changed for two thousand years, this is simply not true.

As already mentioned, many of the letters (epistles) have been altered, as well as written by someone other than the person whom the letter claims to be the author. Greek and Hebrew Biblical scholars have known these things for quite some time now. The New Testament is full of obvious errors––many of which most believers still adhere to as truth today! God has only just released the knowledge of the errancy of the New Testament to the mainstream body of believers within the last thirty to forty years or so.

Unfortunately, only a few have discovered this so far. There are too many of these Altered Verses to put into this book, so an exhaustive list of these verses (although it is also not complete by any means) can be found on It will also be placed on the site of the book, (hopefully to be changed in April 2022 to

Please take the time in prayer to ask Yeshua to reveal to you that just as our history and everything we thought to be true has been changed––nothing we know is true, and that applies to our Scriptures and our teachings as well!

Updated 2-23-22