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Nutrition Lies & REAL Science

As you read this chapter, keep in mind that none of our present information is correct because the true information has been hidden from we the people. We are on our own on this, so I simply went by what we do have––the Word of God and information that seemed right to my spirit.

First of all, human beings are not animals, nor are they mammals. They did not evolve from chimpanzees, or any other species of monkey or animal. Human beings are people, a unique species (if you will) of beings that God created to be the only species with His intelligence. Human beings are God's ambassadors of the earth, for the earth. Human beings have superiority and dominance over all animals, because that is how God created them to be.

Therefore, humans have a different digestive system than animals. Humans are designed to be in symbiosis with animals, therefore our digestive systems work in tandem with the things we eat––namely animals.

The biggest part of knowing Nutrition is also knowing how our digestive system works. Eating food is to sustain us, so a little thought is necessary when choosing foods that are good for the human body.

The problem is that most of you, even believers in God, have been taught that Darwin's Theory of Evolution is actually fact. But the word theory means it has not been proven––Evolution is NOT FACT (see Appendix 6).

Doctors in all of the recent generations (except a few Baby Boomers) have been taught that mankind eats the same things as chimpanzees or monkeys, such as plants, which is NOT TRUE. It has been taught to many of you, and therefore you need to know the truth to know how to take care of your body.

Mankind is very different than chimpanzees or monkeys. Mankind are carnivores who use plant based foods for digestive aids only. That is partially why our food pyramids are completely wrong, and that we do NOT derive our energy from glucose! Our energy comes from proteins and fats. This is also why nutrition advice seems to be so confused, with tons of different diets that don't work for humans––ever!

You need to know what plant based foods really are. They are not actually food in the sense that your body actually absorbs any nutrients or energy from eating them––anything your body does not digest, does not become absorbed into your cells and blood.

Yes, many of them taste good, but they aren't really food. They are digestive aids. The only reason God gave us fruit, and these other digestive aids is because our bodies need these digestive aids to work right––about 1/4 cup total per meal (50 grams) is all we need of these carbohydrates. They help our bodies push the food we just ate easily through our digestive systems. If these are the only kinds of food that we eat, they cannot and will not sustain our bodies, or our lives for long. You will eventually become malnourished and will waste away and die. The Freedom Thieves know this––that is why they are pushing plant-based foods on us. We must fight this with all we've got or mankind will become extinct. Do not believe anything the government or their three-letter agencies tell you.

Human Beings look different, walk different, eat different and digest different than animals, and cannot be compared to other carnivores. We do not have the same type of teeth as carnivorous animals because we are NOT animals. However, our teeth can most definitely tear through meat very easily. That all said, let us get to our Digestion.

The Digestive System
The human digestive system is one of eleven major human body systems. It is a group of organs that work together to convert food into energy and basic nutrients that feed the entire body, which is the foundation of good health.

The digestive system interacts with all other body systems––this includes the nervous and endocrine systems, and supposedly the immune system. The human digestive system actually begins in the brain because it decides how you will digest that food you are about to eat. The mouth is where the actual process of digestion begins––the simple act of chewing breaks food into pieces that are more easily digested. Saliva mixes with the food to begin the process of breaking it down into a form that the body can absorb and use.

When food is swallowed, it pushes into the esophagus, and then on into the stomach. Some doctors think the spleen has something to do with the digestive system because of its close proximity to the stomach, pancreas and left kidney, and therefore list it next. However, the spleen does not have anything to do with actual digestion.

Doctors really need to be retrained, and really do not know squat when it comes to YOUR HUMAN body (we are NOT manimals as Dr. Salk calls us!).

The spleen is essentially a storage container and filter for blood, and is thought to be a part of the lymphatic system. It is connected to the blood vessels of the stomach and pancreas, but its true function is still unknown by doctors––(only a few years ago doctors thought the appendix was not needed––that it was left over from evolution)!

Therefore, the stomach is next on the food's journey, which acts as a storage tank for food so the body has time to digest large meals properly. This central organ not only holds the food, it also works as a mixer and grinder.

Food then goes into the small intestines. While there, food and digestive juices from the pancreas, liver and intestine push the mixture forward for further digestion. The walls of the small intestine absorb water and the digested nutrients go into the bloodstream.

The time frame of how long it takes to digest food can vary from person to person, but typically it takes around six to eight hours for the food to pass through the stomach and small intestine, and then into the large intestine (colon). Waste products of the digestive process move into the large intestine, and it takes about 36 hours for stool to get through the colon. When the colon becomes full, it empties its contents into the rectum, which begins the elimination process.

True nutrition information has been altered to the point of total confusion by all medical professionals and nutritionists. They do not know the human body because they have been taught that mankind evolved from monkeys. They cannot know the human body because of this false assumption. This is why we have so many opinions of what is the healthiest diet or nutrition for our human bodies.

Therefore, I have taken the human diet from God's Word––only the Creator of our human bodies would know best what mankind is able to eat and digest properly. In addition, God knew how His enemies would try to con His people into doing and eating as they do––which is never in the best interest or health of the human body!

He also knew that we would need His diet in this last generation––He sees the big picture, and therefore knew what His people would need to stay alive, especially during this pandemic of bad nutrition and bad medical care!

Besides poisoning us with all the environmental pesticides and chemicals, the Freedom Thieves (Thieves) have been poisoning our food supply for at least one hundred sixty years. If you haven't read Chapter 2 yet, this might be a good time to do that. The Thieves have been trying to slowly kill off most of humanity for quite some time now.

We are being deprived of the essential nutrients and foods needed to stay alive and strong. This is in addition to the poisons we consume daily that break down our internal organs––this will only step up in 2022.

The Food Pyramid is NOT based on the nutritional balance we really need because it is upside down! We are also being fed so-called food items that cause us to crave sugar and other carbohydrates, which in turn causes diseases and obesity. Of course, we can choose not to eat these kinds of fake foods, but they are very enticing and delicious––as well as addicting, and thrown in our faces on TV!

Not only is the Food Pyramid upside down, they have been pushing us to eat only a plant-based diet for awhile now, and are presently trying to do this more forcefully by causing the food supply chain to freeze up, especially for meat––which is the human body's main source of protein and energy.

Near the end of this appendix you will find a Pie Chart instead of the pyramid. The Food Pie Chart will show the more accurate quantities of the different types of foods we need to eat to sustain life, strength and optimal health. It is the ONLY diet plan for the human body. While the quantities (portions) might differ with each person, it is the correct, and only diet a human being needs. Our dietary needs were never meant to be a choice for mankind––God knew we would need guidance in this area of our lives.

God gives us wisdom not to restrict us, but to liberate our very lives and souls––to free us from the heathen practices that only God knows are so very bad for the human body. You will also notice in Scripture that God only tells us what not to eat when it is a common practice of the heathen peoples who are eating these things. These heathen today are the Thieves––the very people who are trying to make us sick and to kill us! Even though they are Jews, they do not believe in God.

Food Safety: Myth or Fact?
Other than obvious food decay, food safety is a lie. Botulism is a lie. These and many other of these types of lies can be traced to about the 18th century, but not before––none of this unsafe food existed before industrialization-induced pollution, medications, treatments, vaccines and pesticides were invented. All of these supposed diseases that came from canned foods was from pesticides on the food. Botulism came from a pesticide not used in America, but was used as a bioweapon and sprayed in Canada.

You need only to read a how-to-make-cheese book to realize that the bacteria in the air is not only safe, you eat it in cheeses all the time, such as Blue Cheese and Roquefort!

But beware of the contradictions in these books; they not only show you how to make bacteria and mold-aged cheeses, they also state that you should not make these cheeses out of unpasteurized milk because unpasteurized milk will have bacteria from the air in them! To say both those things in a book about making cheeses of all kinds, is a bunch of hooey! Rather than quoting the corrupt FDA, we need to do our own research before we make stupid statements in a book that contradicts itself. Ignore these contradictions and use RAW MILK to make your cheese, and for all of your Dairy food choices! Raw milk is usually very easily digested by most people.

Pasteurization means to heat a liquid to a specific temperature meant to eliminate harmful bacteria it may contain, as well as the vitamins and nutrients that they also kill. They then have to add these nutrients back in, along with who-knows-what. Anything added back into the milk is of the synthetic variety, and therefore made of petroleum products (thanks to Rockefeller, who also began a Milk Trust to have formaldehyde––a preservative––to be added to our milk in the 1950s). All these added nutrients cause toxicity in most people which makes it hard to digest for many people. The detox usually manifests as acne, and possibly other ways the body has to eliminate the toxins. In addition, you are not getting any of the original nutrients from milk that you are supposed to.

Food does NOT contain harmful bacteria––our whole body is made up of bacteria (about 99% of our bodies is bacteria!). God would not have given us food that could kill us or make us sick. Use common sense, instead of believing corrupt government agencies that did not exist until a couple hundred years ago!

The size of protein molecules in homogenized milk are reduced, meaning this protein and fat is not absorbed, but simply passed through the body––i.e. not digested. Fat molecules that have been manipulated are causing many problems for people because they were not designed to be able to digest food where the molecules have been altered. Homogenized milk could also be contributing to weight gain and poor nutrition. Because many types of homogenized milk also contain harmful added hormones, it could also be contributing to the hardening of arteries and other heart issues. It isn't the milk that is unsafe, it is the processes milk is put through to supposedly make it safe to consume! Both the processes Pasteurization and Homogenization are both extremely unsafe for any human body!

Any processed food is full of things that your body will detect as poisons! The only thing pasteurization and homogenization does is add shelf life and make the milk and other products look pretty on the store shelves.

Canning Safety
We need to remember that bacteria, mold spores, etc. are always in the air. Our environment is bacteria rich. Without bacteria we would not have an Earth with life. We are 99% bacteria and 1% human.

Again, food does not contain bacteria or microbes (see Chapter 7). It is oxygen and fermentation that causes food to go bad––it is not inherently bad to begin with, and even bad can be relative (read a cheese-making book concerning cheeses made with mold and bacteria!). Some raw food advocates claim that cooked food mutates and contains harmful bacteria––however, I believe this is to sell their raw food ideas. When we heat food, all the nutrients (and germs) are killed, so it is best to eat your meat rare, and your vegetables lightly heated. In my own experience, I have left cooked meat and other cooked foods out for several hours on several occasions, and it did not make me sick when I ate it. Use your own judgement and wisdom.

Therefore canning using a pressure cooker, or boiling your jarred food is removing all of the nutritional value of your food. Freeze canning might be the best way to go. Nutrients are not lost through freezing, or steaming. There are other ways to can meats without heating them––I still need to research this and will post what I find online.

God would not have given us food that could kill us or make us sick. In addition, God told us not to eat the Passover Lamb raw. However, He also said not to leave it until the next day. Use common sense, and do not trust the FDA (a corrupt government agency) concerning these things.

We must use common sense when determining what has supposedly transpired on our cooked food. If cooking a food kills all the nutrients––and bacteria––then how can the bacteria mutate and grow? Food poisoning is a result not of bacteria, but of heavily processed foods that contain chemical products that imbalance the stomach and gut environment.

Raw milk is plentiful with bacteria, natural lactose, enzymes, etc, which regulate the bacteria. Therefore, there are natural bacteria in our food, and natural bacteria in the air. Please do your own research so that you are comfortable with the things you eat.

What is the Best Diet for the Human Body?
Vegans claim that no animals are harmed nor killed for their food. However, over twenty-five times the number of rodents (and even more insects and amphibians) are killed per usable pound of protein for grains than for meat.

A plant-based only diet will eventually cause one to become malnourished because you are missing the nutrients from the many missing food groups––you do NOT absorb nutrients from foods you cannot digest. The same goes for a straight carnivore diet. The human body needs to utilize all food groups in order to thrive and survive.

We do not really have a choice in this regard. It also affects brain function, as the human brain also needs true protein to function correctly.

We need a balanced diet of all food groups to be healthy. Humans are carnivores, therefore proteins should be at the top of the list of every person's diet. Protein builds strength––without it we become weak and malnourished. Again, vegetable protein is not utilized by the human body because we cannot digest it. We get the nutrients in vegetables by eating the animals who are herbivores, and are able to consume and digest them.

Those animals all have a ruminant stomach and chew the cud, which means they bring their food up a couple times to be chewed. All vegetables are made of cellulose and mankind cannot break them down and digest them––however, animals with a ruminant stomach can and do digest vegetables. It doesn't matter how many nutrients vegetables have, we simply cannot utilize them by eating them directly.

Even though mankind cannot digest vegetables, they are definitely beneficial to humans. They help to move the other things we eat through the digestive system.

Eating Healthy
The perfect diet is actually in the Bible (Leviticus Chapter 11), and will provide you with all the proper nutrition you need to stay healthy. This appendix tells us everything we need to know about what we can eat and stay strong and healthy (and everything we should not eat and why.....well almost––more info is coming soon). Eating healthy is a part of what is known as the Terrain Theory & Fact of Disease. Keeping your terrain (your inner and outer terrain) healthy is key to keeping disease from developing in your body (all disease begins in our bodies because of exposure to outside toxic elements).

So what does Eating Healthy mean? Presently, the Thieves are in control of all government agencies, and in fact really don't want you to be healthy––so do NOT trust any government agencies about your food and health. We will need discernment in finding and choosing safe-to-eat foods. I hope this will end soon, but in the meantime, until better regulations are introduced for packaged foods without pesticides, etc., the safety will be up to us as individuals.

By choosing true organic foods, and non-packaged foods (or read the labels very carefully), we can be relatively sure we are getting clean food. Find a butcher or a meat company that offers grass-fed or grass-finished meat only––these are the equivalent to organic. Although we do not digest vegetables, we still do not want the pesticides that are sprayed on them to enter into our bodies. Therefore, always choose organic vegetables as well.

For milk products, try to buy raw and organic products. But read the labels always––at one store I found raw milk, but it was still homogenized, which is just as bad as pasteurized. This really isn't as easy as it sounds. I live in a desert area and there aren't really any local dairy farms that I know of––dairy products are just too full of poisons for me to eat. When you can, find local farmers and buy from them rather than through a grocery chain. I know this sounds as if eating healthy is actually impossible, with all the spraying going on in our skies, but still try your best––that is all we can do at this point.

Food Pie Chart
The Food Pie Chart below shows percentages of what our bodies really need to be healthy and survive. Human beings are carnivorous beings, therefore our intake of Meat, Fish, Poultry, Milk, Dairy and fats should be our primary food sources.

Humans cannot digest vegetables––ever! The only way we can benefit from the so-called nutrients in vegetables is to eat the animals that are able to digest them, such as those animals that have a ruminant stomach––those that chew the cud, as the Bible states. However, we do need a little of vegetable types of carbohydrates in order to aid our digestive system––they help move the food we eat through the digestive tract.

We are being told that carbohydrates are what give us energy, but that is a LIE perpetuated by the Thieves––carbohydrates are where the most calories come from and therefore will make us fat if we consume the amounts the present Food Pyramid shows! That kind of energy is very short-lived, and does not sustain you for more than an hour or so. Real energy should sustain you for several hours, until the next meal––with a surplus left over to get you through your day. Protein is the most satiating macronutrient. Greater satiation can lead to a reduction in food consumption, leading to better weight management.

Foods high in protein are nutrient-dense. Dietary protein intake above current recommendations improves body composition. Lower carbohydrate diets reduce glucose and insulin levels, giving your pancreas an easier job.

Best fruits: blueberries, blackberries, red raspberries, cantaloupe, coconut, peaches, plums for lowest sugar content.
Best seeds: Sprouted seeds (like chia seeds, flaxseeds and hemp seeds), or soaked and roasted seeds.
Best grains: unrefined, whole grains (fiber) contain a tough outer bran coating your body can’t digest (insoluble fiber improves your digestive health).

The ratios in the Pie Chart are what I have researched to be true, but use judgement as to the percentage that is right for you because you might need less of everything. However, always keep your ratios within these guidelines, such as meats should always be your highest priority.

Also use wisdom as to what fruits, seeds and grains to eat. All of these are NOT digestible and therefore do not provide any nutritional value to your body (your body does not absorb any nutrients in undigestible foods), however they are fiber and aid in your digestion so you do in fact need them.

Carbohydrates are not digestible––you do not absorb nutrients, nor do you gain any energy from foods you do not digest. However they are crucial to your digestive health.

Insoluble fiber (wheat bran, leafy greens, and whole grains), helps move foods through your digestive system and adds bulk to stool.

Soluble fiber (oats, fruits, starchy veggies, and beans) helps slow down digestion by drawing in water and helps to prevent stool from being too watery.

Present Day Food Shortages
The inflation we are seeing today (December 2021 & February 2022) will get much worse. This is not a real inflation––it is instigated by the Thieves, in order to starve the people––these prices will result in empty store shelves (as far as a real inflation goes, there really never has been one because they have all been caused by the Thieves!). The Thieves are angry because their Great Reset most likely will not happen, so they are pulling out all their ammunition and taking it out on the people that won't obey them! Hopefully, this may end soon.

Words of Wisdom"By limiting carbs, and consuming the right blend of proteins and healthy fats, you'll not only have much more sustainable energy," said Dr. Benjamin Bikman, "it will help accelerate your metabolism, help strengthen your immune system, and even aid in gut health and brain health." "Fats not only help you feel full, they help with brain health, gut health and metabolic health," said Bikman. "This doesn't mean that you can't enjoy carbs, but you need to realize that there are no essential carbs; just essential amino acids (from protein), and essential fatty acids." "Focus on a wide spectrum of healthy fats from animal sources (like eggs, beef, salmon) and fruit sources (olive, coconut and avocado)," said Bikman.

Updated 2-25-22