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Chapter 18
Judaism, Christianity or God’s Way?

Just as our lives are full of lies in every area, so too have our religious lives been––no matter the religion. At this point in time, we cannot possibly still believe that our religions are true. We now know that the Freedom Thieves (Thieves) changed EVERYTHING concerning our lives, including our Religions!

Before going any further, I remind you that every single person within every single religion thinks they have the truth––the ONLY Truth. So you are not alone in believing this.

Questioning What You Believe?

Every now and then I’ll realize that I’m still believing some very wrong things––those things that I learned in a Christian church. When you begin to discover that the New Testament has been extremely altered beyond fixing––you will be attacked by the enemy. The devil will use the old adage, “God didn’t really say that did He?” Lies will be thrown at you, telling you that every single thing you’ve ever learned is a lie. Always research everything that seems to be questionable to be sure. This kind of attack has caused many a so-called strong Jew or Christian to back away from their faith.

HOWEVER, it is what is taught in Judaism and Christianity congregations that are the lies. If you take the time to check what is really written in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) concerning a particular subject, you will find the REAL truth.

The religions Judaism and Christianity were invented by man. Yeshua (Jesus) had nothing to do with either one. Yeshua didn’t start Christianity, and He didn’t start Judaism. Neither one of these false religions is in the Bible.

Yeshua is real, just the translation of His Name is wrong. What Yeshua knew (and began way back at the very beginning of time) when He came to the Earth was what He called His Way (Genesis 18:19). If you look through the New Testament, you’ll find it there too, but altered to reflect it in a derogatory manner.

So, please think twice before backing away from God for good. Check His Scriptures for the real Truth––you will be pleasantly surprised. The Hebrew has held up for over four thousand years! And the words in the first part of the Bible were not inspired by God, they are the actual Words of God. The Hebrew Bible was not written by men, it was written by God (Exodus 24:12, 31:18 & Deuteronomy 10:4).

Some of the things I’ve just recently come to realize that may be wrong, is the claim that Yeshua did tons of miracles while on the Earth, according to the New Testament. However, in several places He told the person He healed not to mention who healed him. So why would he go around doing millions of healings if He didn’t want it to be known? Both of those things contradict themselves. So it is highly possible that perhaps one or two healings happened, but the rest is exaggerated.

We must remember that in the fourth century the Roman ruler over the known world that surrounded Israel at that time was Constantine. He was not only ruler over the world, he was also ruler over what had become the Christian Church, which meant that he altered many things in the New Testament to coincide with Roman laws and his own pagan religions (he actually incorporated religions, as well as their gods into his life and the lives of those within his empire). He was very instrumental in causing many laws to be written into the Catholic canons and present laws at that time in history.

We must also remember that the Catholics were the sole believers in Yeshua (except the few Hebrews we do not know about yet––some of the first believers in Yeshua as the Messiah) up until the Reformation (the first move of God, according to protestant Christians) in the sixteenth century. Many of their false beliefs and doctrines carried over into protestant religions, which are still very prevalent today.

By the twentieth century God’s moves began to appear more frequently. Today, God is sharing His Way with those who will become His last remnant at the end of this age. Yeshua is now revealing His will more blatantly because it is time for us to know and understand His real Truth. Although He is calling everyone, few will actually respond.

Don’t be one of those who falls away, because God is calling you to come discover His Truth!

Adam & Eve's Religion
There is only ONE religion that God gave us. The true reality is that every religion that began AFTER Adam and Eve, is a very twisted version of the truth. Every religion that began after Adam and Eve were on the Earth is what God considers a manmade religion, which means it is a false religion and has a false god.

But you say, “Jesus isn’t a false god!” No He isn’t, but what is taught about Him and His Name is indeed false, and furthermore none of us really know Who He really is.

Christianity hijacked the Hebrew God and turned Him into something He isn't. Then the pope and other church leaders proceeded to change Scripture and claim He did things against His Own Torah. Most Christians do not read nor study their Bibles, so they have no idea that they are not being taught the truth.

Judaism started out as God's Way, but the Rabbis (possibly Freedom Thieves) later changed its name to Judaism, and they also changed a few Scriptures to hide Yeshua. They have also added all of their Traditions of man, and Rabbis teach the traditions, rather than the Torah. Jews do not read nor study the Torah, so they have no idea that they are not being taught the truth.

God's Way is in the Bible over one hundred twenty times, as well as about twenty-five times in the New Testament. Christians think that the Way was a sect or cult, but no one bothered to search it out to find the truth.

Although we don’t see it in the beginning of the Bible, Genesis 18:19 tells us what God called His religion––although it wasn’t really a religion, it is a Way of Life.

There is no where in Scripture where God called His religion Judaism. One Rabbi told me that the Hebrew word Yehudiy means Judaism, but all concordances say this word means the people of the tribe of Judah––as in Judahites. When he told me this I had already discovered that the terms Jew, Jewish and Judaism didn't come into use until sometime between the 5th century and the 9th century, when the Talmuds (there were two) were written. Judaism is the product of the Talmud, NOT the Torah. Therefore, Yehudiy is definitely speaking of the people of the tribe of Judah, not the name of a religion.

All of the Scriptures in the Old Testament that clearly speak of Yeshua when Christians read them, the Jews do not see. This is not because their Bibles read differently, but because it is what the Rabbis have taught them. They never questioned anything they were taught because most of them don't read the Scriptures for themselves.

Most believers believe in an ideal of Jesus, but they don’t really know Him as their God. Many who call themselves believers in Jesus don’t even know His nationality or His real Name, thinking He is the blond, blue-eyed Jesus of the pictures that we have of Him.

His real name is Yeshua, which is the Hebrew word that actually means Salvation. The English word and name Jesus means nothing––it is a twisted English word made from the Latin word Jesu, which is also not a true word or name––its not even a translation of a word.

Jesus did not start a new religion. He didn’t come to bring anything new, He came to restore His Covenant (Torah) to His people.

He came to the Earth as a part of God’s Plan of Salvation. By the time He came, the Israelites had wandered very far from His Truth, which is His Torah, and what most Christians know as the Old Covenant (original Covenant).
Yeshua came to restore His original Covenant to His people, which is what Ezekiel 36:26-27; Jeremiah 31:31; Matthew 26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20, 1Corinthians 11:25, 2Corinthians 3:6, Hebrews 8:8 & 9:15 are all actually stating. When He was satisfied that He had taught enough people to go on to teach the rest of His people of His true Covenant (the original twelve disciples), He went on to do what He really came to do––to shed His Own Blood to offer on the altar in the Heavens to atone for all mankind’s sin.

Most of the things you were taught in church by well-meaning Pastors, was not Truth. Most of these Pastors went to seminaries that teach them the very same information taught by the church fathers two thousand years ago! Most of these teachings were lies or just plain wrong, and cannot be found in the Bible.

God’s Feasts have ingrained in them the blueprint of His Plan of Salvation, which means that Yeshua came to the Earth to fulfill each one of them––five when He first came, and the last two at the End of this Age.

God's Way
God’s Hebrew roots knowledge has actually been in the Spirit since the early 1970s. Jews who had come to know their Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), tried to share their newfound knowledge with Christians, but they were not ready at that time. However, about twenty years later Christians began to discover that the Jewish Feasts were really the Feasts of God, therefore they were for all who believe in God.

Just as there are in Christianity and Judaism, there are many factions (sects) of the Hebrew (Jewish) roots movement, because it is still finding its place in God’s Plan. Some of the Messianic believers call themselves Torah Observant, but are really Talmud Observant, copying what the Jews do.

This is all happening because the present Messianic teachers are teaching the Talmudic Traditions of Man, rather than Scripture. They are all still arguing and debating (a very Greek thing to do), instead of studying the Scriptures to see what they actually state. The Talmud is full of false teachings and will never bring unity to the body of believers in Yeshua. Only the Torah can bring unity.

This Way is what is emerging, pushing both Judaism and Christianity out of the picture––to restore the Truth of God’s Word (Ezekiel 36:26-27 & Jeremiah 31:31-33) to all those whose names are written in the Book of Life. While we can indeed find this Way in the Scriptures (as well as in the New Testament), we cannot find either Judaism or Christianity (or any other religion for that matter) in Scripture.

Therefore, there is no future for these two religions (Judaism and Christianity), and they are both passing away. They are both riddled with leaders not appointed by God, sects, errors and false teachings––which equate to lies. The real Truth will eventually emerge, as these two religions are exposed for the false religions that they are.

Waking Up

Just as all people need to wake up to the corruption that is behind most of the leaders in our Congress, the evil in Hollywood, as well as the Main Stream and Social Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, the Medical Profession and the corruption in many governments all over the world, AND the Thieves, believers in Yeshua need to wake up to the truth of God’s Way. It is our future!

So far most believers have been unwilling to hear anything that is different than the cherished beliefs that they’ve been taught, nor have they been willing to study their Bibles on their own to discover these Truths. But soon they will have no choice but to open their eyes and see what God is trying to tell them––the truth that they have been running from.

If they do not wake up, they will risk being deluded, and possibly end up in the Second Sheol (hell). Are you really willing to believe the lies that are rampant within our religions? Search out the truth––search out Yeshua, as He continually tells us to do!

Updated 2-24-22