Special Update 

Russia & Ukraine

The Greatest Sting Operation Ever

The Facts
The United States––actually the whole world is in trouble! If this Sting Operation doesn't come off like it is supposed to, America and the rest of the whole world is doomed to be destroyed and the people still alive, enslaved. The Freedom Thieves are real, and they are determined to control the entire world and its people. Whether or not you believe in evil, these people are the evilest of evil! They want what they want and they have been planning to take over the world for over three hundred years––so believe me when I say they will not give up easily!

President Trump knew of the election cheating before he even stepped foot in the White House. He knew he had his job cut out for him, and it would be tough. However, there was already a strategy in place designed by Military Intelligence to get the ball rolling. Trump would have the freedom to add or change details where he felt they were needed, at the appropriate times. Timing for certain aspects of the plan was also left up to him. He had been involved in Sting Operations in the past, so he was prepared for the job.

Because Trump won the 2020 election so big, there was massive fraud and in so many different ways. The Thieves didn't leave any stone unturned. Because the election fraud was so massive, it was also so obvious that those who were actually watching (those watching the main stream news channels saw nothing because it was kept from them) saw most of it happening right before their very eyes!

What we see happening in our government are only the puppets. As evil as they are, there are bigger fish to catch––which is part two of this huge operation. This has been so cleverly thought out and taking place, it is quite fascinating to watch it happen––and I don't even know all the details yet!

About Q
Q is thought to be Military Intelligence officers by some followers, who have been watching what has been going on in the White House for several decades now. They knew they would have to step in soon, because America, as well as the whole world don't have much longer before these evil Freedom Thieves have stolen the Earth!

Q is NOT Qanon, they are just Q. The Q represents Q Clearance, which is a high-level clearance that these people have. The implication is that Q has the necessary security clearance to be cryptically divulging insider information without leaking anything classified, thus maintaining national security.

The Anons are anonymous researchers. Q would drop hints (they called them crumbs), and the Anons would then research the information in order to figure out what Q was talking about. It was more of a game, and gave people hope. Q made not only the finding out about horrific information sort of fun, they made the whole situation of what has been going on in our country and world something tangible to hold onto.

Some think Q was a psy-op against the Deep State, and some think Q's messages tie in with Devolution. Then there are some that don't have a clue what it was all about and believed the lies that some citizen journalists were telling them what was about to happen and on specific dates. Q never gave dates––they gave numbers that turned out to be from a military code book, but most followers took them to be dates, even though they were written differently than dates. What the Anons didn't realize at the time, was that Q was dropping bits and pieces (hints) of President Trump's devolution plan (my own opinion).

I think Q was both a psychological operation AND devolution information. It was a test of the people to see just how much they would be able to handle––we only received a tiny fraction of the information, as nobody would be able to handle it all!

We were finding out about how present politics work, learning the Constitution and Bill of rights (again if you ever paid attention in High School), and getting involved––some of us for the first time in our lives! I for one, was shocked at what had been going on in the White House for decades––I had no idea because I never paid attention. Because I was clueless about politics, I just didn't understand what was happening to my life––but I did know something bad was happening.

I'm wondering if Q was hoping one of us would figure it out, but nobody put two and two together concerning devolution until a non-Q follower began to write devolution articles about mid-August 2021!

The Q posts were all about delivering tiny, tiny (and I mean TINY!) bits of information to the public––however, not in any particular order, and not as clearly as we would have liked––which none of us figured out until recently. It was never about a movement, but an avenue of information that bypassed the main stream media and Big Tech platforms––because they were lying about everything!

There was one anon that compiled all this information onto one giant website, and so fortunately for me, coming in two years later, there was a lot of information for me to dive into. I read every single thing on that website (I think....I kept getting lost inside all the links!) and did my own research as well. I soon found myself knowing things and names I never wanted to know! Unfortunately, that website was forced to be taken down––it was censored for showing so much truth! But it had a lot of information about particular crimes committed, and who committed them.
However, it was a lot to digest. Some of it I had a hard time believing because it was so heinous––and the subjects were children. I haven't been able to sleep for about two years now and sure hope this will all be over soon and we can relax––and hopefully forget enough to sleep.

Q continually used statements such as future proves past, knowing the past helps to understand the present, sometimes the future can find the past, sometimes the past can find the future, future will prove past, future will answer past.....some of them several times. What none of us figured out until much later, is that Q was trying to tell us that none of the information they were giving us would happen until later––in another future year.

When Trump walked away from the White House, many Q followers were devastated and gave up––they truly believed that numbers mistaken for dates in the Q drops were the actual dates for the events to happen. Needless to say, disappointment was rampant last November 2020.

Some information that was posted in 2017 and 2018 is just now coming to pass (2021). Q followers were never violent, nor were they even organized into a group (they usually kept to themselves). It was just information that a bunch of people read, that gave them hope in the midst of all the chaos the Freedom Thieves were wreaking, and the lies that the Fake Media was spreading.

Of course, there were (and still are) many weirdos claiming to be a part of QAnon, giving Q and the Anons a bad name. These people are lone wolves and know absolutely nothing about the things Q actually posted. There are some of these kinds of people everywhere, just looking for their fifteen minutes of fame.

The Sting Strategy & Devolution Activated
Trump ordered the military to review and prepare the continuity of government plans in February of 2020. He knew the pandemic was not real, and knew it was one of the main tools that the DNC would use to cheat in a huge way. They created the fake pandemic and made people stay home, so they could send out massive numbers of mail-in ballots––this would allow the DNC to cheat massively.

President Trump’s administration is covertly being preserved by the United States Military Intelligence through a process called devolution. In this situation, the delegation of powers from a central government to regional or local entities (the Military) is one of the first moves––usually referred to as Continuity of Government (COG). This fact is usually known only to those who are directly involved.

The 2020 Presidential election was the beginning of the first part of the Sting Operation that had been in the planning and setup for more than the previous four years. President Trump knew the election would be stolen by a foreign power, and he viewed this as an act of war.

When the United States is at war––even when it is an undeclared war––the President has powers not available to him in peacetime. These powers do not require congressional approval, and many times when they are exercised, the public is unaware.

The President can, in wartime, take whatever steps he deems necessary to save the Republic. As the President, Trump had to take action immediately––or as according to the plan already in place.

It may have appeared as if he could care less and just walked away from the White House, however, in response he covertly took steps to invalidate the outcome of the election––without alerting the public, nor the players in this game of chess.

It didn't really matter when and where the (non-contagious) virus came from. Trump didn't know what exactly they would use, but he knew it would be something like the fake pandemic. He and his team were prepared for just about anything.

The fact that Trump immediately began to take steps to secure Election Integrity upon his election, proves that the Military's plan was already in motion. On May 11, 2017, Trump established the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. On September 12, 2018, Trump signed Executive Order 13848 imposing certain sanctions in the event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election (he also knew that China was up to something). In November of 2018, he created the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. In December of 2019, Trump created the Space Force. On December 7, 2020 Trump signed Executive Order 13921: Governance and Integration of Federal Mission Resilience (FMR EO). On December 30, 2020 he released the Federal Mission Resilience Strategy.

Trump was most definitely preparing for COG (Continuity of Government), because they now had proof positive that China had interfered with our election––in Trump's mind, China had declared war on the United States. In January 2020 President Trump knew the United States had been attacked and had already put certain aspects of the plan into place––he was preparing to protect the country even after he left the White House.This isn't an ordinary war because China refuses to fight us on our own terms. They have studied our way of war, invested in capabilities to target our strengths, and they are adept at competing below the threshold of armed conflict. China has weakened our armed forces with inferior steel products; they have infiltrated our country and has us surrounded with their troops and ships. They have their army posing as students in our colleges, and they are spying on us daily through our phones and computers––and much more. When you hear of supply shortages, Chinese spies are purchasing all the main products people might stockpile.

Because Q suggested to the anons in a post that China and Russia might actually be helping Trump to destroy the Fed, it makes me wonder if they are just playing a part. However, I can't help but think they are just playing both sides because of what I know about both these communist countries––then again, even that could be propaganda?

China is not our only enemy though––they are only being used by the Thieves, and they are only the first of two targets. Those who are causing the other tyranny in many of our states and in various countries all over the world, are the Freedom Thieves––and they must be stopped! We will be waging war on them next––or possibly simultaneously.

The Sting Setup - China
Biden (the impostor) was allowed to think he actually pulled off the cheating and was now President. The impostor has been exposed himself as an incompetent and evil President, as well as exposed his true agenda to the people of America. Biden has done that quite well up to this point (February 2022), I would say––people are noticing. Needless to say, his ratings have plummeted greatly. You should know however, that Biden is not actually running the country––Obama and Pelosi are. Obama is in the basement of the White House telling Biden what to do and what to say; and Pelosi is helping out.

The 2020 election was indeed stolen and the Arizona and Wisconsin Forensic Audits did indeed prove fraud, which will make it much easier for the rest of the states to also do their own Audits. There is proof of several foreign nations interfering with the Election, but China is the main nation who interfered as an act of war against the Untied States. The other nations simply helped. They wanted Biden in office to make it easier to destroy America.

I'm not sure what Trump is planning for the revealing of the fraud, but it may have something to do with his forming his new company Trump Media & Technology Group. He merged this company with a digital acquisition company, to not only be able to trade in the public market right away, but also so he is able to acquire digital tech companies, or at the very least controlling shares of them.

Trump’s entire first term as President was continually challenged––by corrupt politicians and government agencies, to the media and big tech. Everybody was against Trump. They lied about everything Trump did and said, and obstructed him at every opportunity possible. There were lies upon lies in order to make the people hate him (a Color Revolution strategy was used to try and remove Trump from office). They threw everything they had at Trump, and yet, he still managed to complete the setup so the next stage would work perfectly.

Because Obama had secretly set up America and her people for destruction, Trump deliberately changed as much as he could back to the way it should be during his first four years. He not only wanted to show the people that it could be done (Obama continually told the people that it couldn't be done), but he also allowed the election to be stolen (he actually won by a huge landslide) so he could show the people what Biden's (the Thieves') agenda really is. Congress is not working for the people, and the people needed to be shown what they were really up to. The reversing of what Obama had done during his Presidency, meant that Biden would have to put everything back to what Obama had done in eight years in only a few months (about a year now), so their plan could continue (they had been set back four years by Trump). The problem was, that now it was so accelerated, that everything he did would be extremely noticeable.

The second Biden was sworn in (as Resident impostor), he signed seventeen Executive Orders to begin the process of reversing all that Trump had accomplished. In doing so, many jobs were eliminated immediately––the first lie uncovered. Over this past year, we have most certainly seen what this evil administration has been up to, with all the other Executive Orders and all the fake Infrastructure Bills.

The Election
Our enemies conspired to attack the U.S.A. with a bioweapon in order to steal an election, along with both of our political parties. That is the actual coup.

If you look at actions Trump took leading up to the election, he was prepared for anything Congress might pull. Our Military Intelligence (Space Force) captured the true vote count, as well as the actual STEAL / INSURRECTION on November 3rd. What we must understand is that this wasn't just someone cheating in an election––the DNC (and most Republicans) actually conspired to, and succeeded (sort of) to OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT!

I say sort of because Trump knew they would try to cheat and planned accordingly––he in fact let them think they won the election in order to catch them red handed at everything they have been doing for many decades.

Trump actually prepared to win big so the DNC would have to cheat big for Biden to win. That made the cheating so obvious––only those watching CNN (or the main stream media only) missed it all. Biden didn't really win––Trump allowed him to think he won. The DNC was set up to expose themselves––they fell for every single trap Trump and the MI put in their path!
Trump was ready for them, no matter what they did. They were completely shocked when he actually walked away from the White House. They have been scared to death of him ever since, thinking he would spring something on them at any moment. However, he has some much more clever ways of dealing with these evil people.

The Arizona Forensic Audit, as well as the other states' audits, are exposing the overwhelming election fraud. Mike Lindell has the PCAPs (captured evidence of election fraud that I believe is from Military Intelligence). Mike also filed a complaint of Quo Warranto to the Supreme court on November 23, 2021. Many Attorney Generals signed on, so we will have to wait and see what happens with that.

The Sting Setup - The Fed
This part won't be as easy as Part One. Although Biden and his cohorts have been cheating for decades, that doesn't compare to the over three hundred years the Freedom Thieves have been scamming the people of this world.

The Arizona Audit Results report came and went, but nothing happened. Everyone keeps thinking that the fraud will be exposed and everything will be hunky dory––but timing is everything in this game. However, everyone keeps forgetting––Q put in a message that stated that the "Military is the only way." Things may happen much differently than we think they will––which is par for the course.

The Military will have to step in at some point and take control of the Presidency––at what point they will do that is not known. However, we do know that all avenues of the legal process must be exhausted first. Perhaps that was Lindell's part in all this? Everything legal and according to the Rule of Law must be tried first.

The Fraud isn't the only thing Trump and the Devolution Team have planned for the United States, but it must be exposed first and he must be back in office before Part Two of this Sting Operation can be carried out.

The economy is the next thing on the docket. Trump must give us a real economy, and that means exposing the Federal Reserve (the Freedom Thieves)––and destroying them so they cannot do this to America and the world again.

Many things to do with Part Two have already been in the works, simultaneously with Part One.

The Federal Reserve is planning to crash the present economy, possibly sometime around June 2022, possibly sooner––they are already taking steps to make this happen. They will not give you a chance to do so at that time, so it might be wise to put any extra money you have into gold or silver. Don't pay attention to the value after you do so, because it will all balance out once the Thieves and the Federal Reserve is destroyed.

Hopefully, prior to June 2022, Trump and the people will demand a Forensic Audit of the Federal Reserve––or at the very least, stop them from carrying this out again (Trump stopped them from crashing the economy when he first got into office). This should trigger audits all around the world of all the other Central Banks (this is speculation on my part).

I believe Trump has an alternative economy already prepared to take the place of the fallen FAKE economy. Therefore, our new economy will be the United States printing its own money.
Credit will need to be destroyed––if it isn't, banks and mankind are evil and corrupt by nature, and this will happen again (if God allows this world to continue as it is). The economy will be returned to the people and the government will no longer be in power. They were never meant to be in power––they were only meant to represent we the people in all matters of the state and country.

After that the Medical Profession needs some serious revamping––they ALL need to be retrained because the present doctors and nurses have been taught all the wrong information about viruses, bacteria and diseases. The drug industry must be destroyed completely!

The Thieves also think mankind came from monkeys (and have convinced Doctors of this idiocy) and that our very lives were the result of the Big Bang––yes, they actually believe this and this belief drives some really ridiculous ideas about the human body. Where the present Medical Profession is concerned, we are NOT in good hands!

Something must be done with all the inventions of the past one hundred sixty years, because every single one has been corrupted to harm the human body!

I am talking about a whole new world that will be opened up to us. We have no idea what life was really supposed to be like––we were robbed of that. I think we are about to see what some of the capabilities will be though!

New Communications
On October 20, 2021 Trump announced he will be starting his own social Media network, called TRUTH Social, that will be live some time in February or March 2022.

On this same day it was announced that Trump also started a new company, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). TMTG has merged with Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) which will not only allow TMTG to become a publicly listed company, but also to possibly buy up a controlling number of shares of digital companies––so that Social Media and Main Stream Media networks will shut down their propaganda machine and censoring dissenting views for good! This is not actual fact at this writing, but a pretty good theory.

This company, TMTG, has been in the works for many years, as it would have to be in order to come up against the Big Tech companies and the Main Stream Media––the mouthpiece of the Thieves.

On December 7, 2021 it was announced that Truth Social has merged with Rumble. Rumble will be the infrastructure of Truth Social. I had been wondering if there would be a video platform along with Truth Social, and now I know.

All of this communications maneuvering is to stop the Main Stream Media and Big Tech from censoring and blocking the truth from coming out––the Thieves are planning a big COMMUNICATIONS BLACK-OUT very soon. It will be blamed on something like a Solar Flare, or a Russian cyber attack––but it is their own people doing a world-wide Cyber Attack on communications. From what I understand, HAARP can be used to block communications as well. We will have to wait and see what happens.

The Great Reset
The Federal Reserve (Thieves) has already begun to take steps toward crashing their system. Their satanic (and illegal) economic system must crash to move the people into their Great Reset––the new disastrous Digital Money economic reset.

All of the (fake) infrastructure bills are what is causing the inflation we are now seeing (November-December 2021). They will raise interest rates (probably around March 2022) which will most definitely crash their system. They claim it will be just the opposite, but that is exactly how they crash the economy (Trump had the Fed lower the interest rates just so they wouldn't crash when he first got into office––he knew what they were up to).

Once the system has crashed, anything in your bank account will be lost. If you have money in the market, that will be gone too. If you do have money in the market, take that money and protect it in gold or silver––NOT Bitcoin, or any other fake money.

However, watch closely what happens. My guess is that Trump will make his move right about that same time––and we may not lose any of our money. I think he is ready with a real economy, but I'm not sure when he will bring it out into the open. He may allow them to crash their system first so he can demand an audit of the Federal Reserve. We will just have to wait and see what happens, but do prepare––protect your money!

Just know that Trump has something up his sleeve, and the Federal Reserve and the Thieves will find themselves in very deep trouble––all at the same time Congress does.

Even though we haven't seen any arrests yet, and Biden is still the Resident in the White House, everything that Trump has been doing over the past couple of years will have the results that we want to see.

Their END is Near
Many of the Deep State players (the Freedom Thieves' puppets) are stepping down. Why? Because they either don't want to get caught, or they have already had a deal offered. Again, we will have to wait and see because some may even take the easy way out––suicide.
There are some of these people that are so high up that no deals will be offered. So many of them committed treason and murder over and over again. Treason and murder (especially of children!) comes with a penalty of death.

Everyone of these people––and I mean EVERY ONE OF THEM will get what they deserve. This is taking so long because this web of evil and deceit is world wide. America won't be the only country where we will see Military Tribunals––and executions!

Space Force
The true capabilities of Space Force are unknown (secret). Space Force never briefed the Biden Administration. Space Force has fully mature cyber warfare capabilities. This means that Trump has defeated the election theft, and we know this because of Devolution. This is the most important development in WORLD history! Trump must be careful how and when he reveals this truth. Downplaying the role of Space Force was the answer to this entire operation!

It was revealed in Air Force Magazine that "Space Force is hashing out how to incorporate offensive cyber operations into its future combat plans, as the service charts a path for cyber Airmen."

On the website it is revealed that Cyber Command was comprised of cyber warfare forces from multiple branches of service. It was a Unified Combatant Command. However it has outgrown its place as a unified Combatant Command, and now demands the full weight of a service component as its vehicle of execution––enter Space Force. Space Force commands and controls all DOD satellites (

When Q posted that the military is the only way, I am guessing they were speaking of the Space Force.

The following post is not a Q post, but it is in the same style. It is also not the complete post. The original post was #14 posted on October 31, 2017. It has some very interesting information in it, such as the fact that Trump was asked to run for President:

The in the next image is Q's post #11, which also has some interesting info––it shows who the chief of Military still is (POTUS. AND it's not Biden!) It also speaks of the fact that Military Intelligence will eventually take over investigations of the three-letter agencies.

A Side-Note Concerning the Vaccines
Trump's recent statements in January 2022 concerning the vaccines is a sort of code-talk. He is not really talking to those who have not been vaccinated, but to those who have, but are now regretting it. He needs to reassure those people and give them hope that the results of the vaccines can be reversed.

I am not entirely sure they can be reversed, but many are wrongfully stating this to be fact. However, this could save those people, nevertheless. Trump did in fact save the millions of people that would have died if he had allowed the Thieves to carry out their original plan of locking everyone down for ten to thirteen years, by introducing the vaccine long before the Thieves would have! That's how long the Thieves claim a vaccine could take to make!

Trump is someone who uses language to his advantage––he needs to gauge where these people are concerning him. You can't always take what Trump says at face value, because he uses language to test the people in order to get the reaction he is hoping for. He is using his rallies to figure out if the people are for or against him because he will need the majority of the people to be with him in order to take down the Thieves, when the time comes. Just listen to the words he uses, because when he speaks he is very deliberate with his words.

Because of his position, Trump also cannot divulge anything he might know about the efficacy (or not) of the vaccines. He must remain in a neutral stance until the Thieves have been removed from their positions––or at an appointed time when it is safe to do so.

January 3, 2022
A Newsweek Magazine article that was run on this day gives us a little more information about the security forces that were present at the Capital on January 6, 2021.

These forces were not there to thwart the supposed insurrection of Trump supporters, but in case of what Pelosi and Schumer had up their sleeves. They are a part of the Devolution team, and that is why no one knew about it at the time. The only way that Newsweek could have gotten wind of it, is because Trump allowed the information to get out only recently.

The article states that the FBI decided to operate independently (because they were a part of the insurrection)––but the FBI really never knew of these other forces at the time. FBI operatives, as well as the Capital Police, Antifa, BLM and other foreign operatives sent by Soros were the actual insurrectionists. Trump supporters didn't even arrive at the capital until over an hour later.

The fact that President Donald J. Trump planned for Continuity of Government (Devolution) on January 6, 2021 tells us that Devolution is in fact real today, and ongoing. Trump wasn't planning for his own supporters (who did NOT bring guns and were only walking through the capital as visitors because the Capital Police invited them in), he was planning for what his enemies might do. Both Pelosi and Schumer planned out the whole so-called insurrection, and are very dangerous people.

Not one of the people being held in the Capital jail has ever been charged with insurrection, or anything else for that matter. They are being held for absolutely no reason, other than they are Trump supporters. What has been done to these people is extremely evil, and completely unconstitutional!

January 3, 2022
A Newsweek Magazine article that was run on this day gives us a little more information about the security forces that were present at the Capital on January 6, 2021.

These forces were not there to thwart the supposed insurrection of Trump supporters, but in case of what Pelosi and Schumer had up their sleeves. It was a part of Devolution, and that is why no one knew about it at the time. The only way that Newsweek could have gotten wind of it, is because Trump allowed the information to get out only recently.

The article states that the FBI decided to operate independently because they were a part of the insurrection––but the FBI really never knew of these other forces at the time. FBI operatives, as well as the Capital Police, Antifa, BLM and other foreign operatives sent by Soros were the actual insurrectionists. Trump supporters didn't even arrive at the capital until over an hour later.
The fact that President Donald J. Trump planned for Continuity of Government (Devolution) on January 6, 2021 tells us that Devolution is in fact real today, and ongoing. Trump wasn't planning for his own supporters (who did NOT bring guns and were only walking through the capital as visitors because the Capital Police invited them in), he was planning for what his enemies might do. Both Pelosi and Schumer planned out the whole so-called insurrection, and are very dangerous people.

Not one of the people being held in the Capital jail has ever been charged with insurrection, or anything else for that matter. They are being held for absolutely no reason, other than they are Trump supporters. What has been done to these people is extremely evil, and completely unconstitutional!

January 6, 2021 Evidence
According to Revolver, it seems that Ray Epps has turned out to be an, or perhaps the main instigator in the capital breach on January 6, 2021. He is on video appearing to be the only person confessing on camera to plotting a pre-planned attack on the Capitol.

On both January 5 and January 6, Epps announced multiple times, at multiple locations, his upcoming plot to breach the US Capitol. It is known, through a Revolver investigation, that 2-3 other people, who are most likely FBI informants, were in the team with Ray Epps. Each one had a specific job, so it was hard to tell who was actually the ringleader.

If this hypothesis is correct, a group of government-sponsored provocateurs were all instructed separately by handlers to arrive at the Peace Monument before 12:45 p.m., ahead of the arrival of the Proud Boys, who would serve as the scapegoat for the breach. Then, post-breach, key operators such as Epps and a guy dubbed as ScaffoldCommander directed the crowd to move forward, while others removed barricades, fencing and restricted area signage.

There is simply no way the FBI did not know the Proud Boys march would end up at the Peace Monument just after 12:45 p.m. That march was led by Proud Boy leader Joe Biggs. Biggs is an FBI informant who says he spoke often with his bureau contacts. Biggs’s Proud Boy boss Enrique Tarrio was also an FBI informant. And the FBI was reading their cell phone group chat messages ahead of time.

For the whole article, which is quite informative as to what really went on in the so-called January 6 Insurrection, click here:

FYI: Pay close attention to what Trump says. When you analyze Trump's statements, it's important to keep in mind the fact that he rarely reveals his real strategies to the public. He says publicly what his base and enemies need to hear. He confides privately with his inner circle about the real strategies he intends to deploy.

February 10, 2022
Throughout his Presidency, Trump issued about 207 National Security Presidential Memorandas (NSPM) by January 12, 2021. In the last week he issued 8 NSPMs, beginning January 13, 2021. Trump was clearly leaving office with a focus on national security matters, which further points to the fact that we are at war. Just another confirmation that Trump plans to come back and finish what he started.

January 20, 2022
Today the Supreme Court ruled that Executive Privilege documents can be released, setting a precedent for ALL Executive Privilege documents to be released––such as those who have committed treason.

February 15, 2022
Trump posted this message on Gab:
"Get ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!"
Not sure exactly what it means, but it is getting closer to when Truth Social launches.

February 21, 2022
The Truth Social App was automatically downloaded on all iPhones today. However, it isn't working correctly yet––too many people trying to sign up at once!  The rest of us will have to wait until the end of March for Truth Social to be up and running.

February 22, 2022

Yesterday, Putin signed a peace deal with two parts of eastern Ukraine that are already independent of Ukraine. He recognized their independence, and sent troops in to keep the peace. He did NOT send them in to those two sections to fight. The people who live in those two "countries" are Russian.  Actually, all of Ukraine is Russian. 

February 24, 2022Trump's goal is to destroy the Freedom Thieves, the Federal Reserve and the Deep State, however no plan was ever divulged by Q about how this was to be done. Trump had met with several nation leaders, as well as specific people who could help with this goal, when he came into office, and today we discovered that he arranged for some of those nation leaders to help him in destroying these Thieves and their corrupt system running all our countries.

When Putin moved his troops into Ukraine, it was not to start World War III, as the Deep State and the Thieves claimed––and wanted. Putin announced that he planned to demilitarize and denatzify Ukraine in a Special Mission. So he did in fact tell the world what he was about to do, warning them (he conveniently left out the part about the bombing of the labs though).

Today Russia began bombing the US funded and built bio-weapon labs (destroying all the Thieves' money laundering machines) and the military airports where all the AZOV Battalion neo-nazi soldiers were. Russia was very careful not to hit anything where there were civilians and that is why it took them so long.

Any civilians that were killed, were killed by the AZOV Battalion neo-nazis! As of April 18, 2022, the war is just about over––now that all the labs have been destroyed, Putin is now focusing on removing all of Ukraine's REAL enemies, who are turning out to be soldiers donning Nazi tattoos.

Taking Down the Enemy
The purpose of Trump's recent lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and her cohorts was to broaden the definition of transnational criminal organizations, while widening the scope and authorities available to our federal agencies and military to combat them.

Trump's lawsuit shows us that the people he has listed in the suit are individuals and entities that are part of a Transnational Criminal Organization.

Trump put all the pieces in place to dismantle the system of the Thieves all during his first four years. He thought of everything, and made the appropriate decisions and executive orders before he walked away from the White House. Right now we are watching the Thieves', their puppets and their corrupt system of Central Banks being destroyed piece by piece––most don't realize what is actually going on.

Among those other people who are doing their part to help destroy these evil people is Elon Musk. Over time he has been purchasing up shares of Twitter stock until early in April Twitter finally took notice. Twitter discovered Elon now owned controlling shares of Twitter! They offered a seat on their board to him, however he turned it down so he would still be in a position to buy more shares. On April 14, 2022 Elon Musk offered to buy out Twitter for much more than it is worth. The board (who owns very little shares themselves, and have connections to the World Economic Forum) do not want to let this happen, and now they are in battle with Elon so as to keep this hostile takeover from happening––the Thieves' and their puppets can't lose their main bullhorn! Meanwhile, who actually owns and controls Twitter is being exposed and Elon Musk will eventually probably take over Twitter.

Edited / Updated 4-21-22