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God is Not a Trinity:
He is Echad

God’s Sevenfold Spirit & Echad
The simple fact is that the Holy Spirit is not separate from God, nor is He separate from Yeshua (Jesus). These are simply terms or names of the Holy One of Israel, Who is God. He is what the Jewish people call echad. Others use this word to explain the trinity, but as mentioned before, God cannot be understood by our limited three-dimensional minds and we must stop trying to explain Him in terms that are equally unexplainable.

Echad is a Hebrew word meaning all-encompassing One. It is an all encompassing word, so when one says “Yahweh our God is Echad” they are in fact saying “Yahweh our God is One Omnipotent, Omniscient seven-fold Spirit.”

Echad can also be translated as the word unity. Webster defines unity as 1. the quality or state of being one; 2. continuity without change; 3. the reference of all the parts of a single main idea; 4. the totality of related parts.

God is the Totality of All, at the same time He is One. He is One continuous God Who never changes. He is unity. God is One plural being––One plural Spirit, and He can manifest Himself at the very least seven different ways in our three-dimensional world––He is One sevenfold Spirit. This is what the word Echad means.

The Spirit & the Son
If God is Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is Spirit, then they are One. The Son is God and God is spirit. God is One Spirit Who came down to Earth clothed in the flesh of His Own Son. God is not two in one, nor is He three in one. He is ONE Spirit, Who is God. GOD IS NOT a trinity––this was a Catholic deduction because they did not understand Who God is!

God created mankind to be able to produce human beings (children) through what we call birth today. But this wasn’t so mankind could multiply, although that did work into God’s Plan with proficient order; it was actually so He would have a way to come into this Earth as a vulnerable human being.

The word vulnerable comes from the Latin word vulnerare, which means to wound. Even when Yahweh came to the Earth in the flesh in other instances, He never really came in a flesh and blood body that could be wounded, harmed or killed. God used this fact of human life to establish a people who would produce His human body.

Therefore, God (Who exists outside of all dimensions) came Himself and became an embryo in Mary’s womb so He could become human flesh on this Earth (at the same time He is in the Heavens, and also all around us here on the Earth). He did this in order to fulfill prophecy (His Spirit cannot die, but a normal human Man of flesh can). God clothed His Spirit in flesh and blood and called Himself Yeshua (Salvation). Then He came down to Earth to shed His Blood to die, and then do what only He could do––present His Blood on the altar in the Heavens to atone for all mankind.

God is a sevenfold Spirit––He can manifest Himself at the very least, seven different ways in our three-dimensional world (perhaps seven is all we can see?). Calling Him a trinity limits our understanding of Him. God is Infinity itself.

Yeshua did not sit at the Right Hand of the Father, (yashab) He returned to abide in or dwell in or inhabit the Father, because He is the Father––He is God. The Right Hand of the Father is the Power and Strength of Yahweh.

Yeshua, God’s Spirit in the flesh, returned to His rightful place of Power––He sent Himself to inhabit the right Hand of Power.

The Plurality of God
God is plural, but not a multiplicity––really a very weak word to explain a concept that we humans simply cannot understand and we should not even try to understand it, nor should we try to explain it in our own understanding. God can be everywhere at once, and at the same time be in one place on the Earth (as Yeshua).

Elohim means God in English. Elohim is a plural word, but our English word should not be “Gods,” when speaking of God, because God is a plural Being (as in One Being), or plural Spirit.
It most definitely does not mean He is a trinity or several different people in one, it simply means He is a sevenfold Spirit who can manifest Himself many different ways. Our minds really cannot grasp this concept, and we shouldn’t compensate by putting God into some little box that we can understand.

Suffice it to say, God is just MORE than mankind!

The Trinity
Saying God is a trinity is not only very confusing for most, it is incorrect. God is not a trinity. Many Biblical Greek and Hebrew scholars state that the verses that back up the so-called triune nature were not in the original manuscripts. Eusebius, and several other early Christian theologians also state this as well. In addition, there is nothing in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) to back up this doctrine, and this is a must for all things in the Bible.

If we search the history of the church we will find that the Catholic leaders added this false doctrine about the fourth century. Catholic leaders have always been anathema to the Hebrews and what the true Scriptures teach, and they have strayed into areas believers should not go.

Let me explain further about the spirits of people. The Hebrew word that is always translated as soul is nefesh. But nefesh means a spirit with a flesh and blood body. Both God and those people He created, are not triune––they are all spirits. God is One Spirit (albeit a plural One), and each person He created is one spirit. A person is a spirit, as God is Spirit (He made us in His image, which is Spirit). God clothed people with a flesh and blood body so they could live on the Earth He created for them.

The KJV Bible includes in 1John 5:7, 8 the words “in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth.”

However, researchers have found that those words were not written by the apostle John and so do not belong in the Bible. The verse originally read as, "For there are three that testify: the Spirit and the water and the blood; and these three agree," (ESV).

However, we should not be reading the New Testament as it was not written until 50-60 years after Yeshua (Jesus) had ascended––the New Testament was not what Yeshua taught from. He taught from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), and He did not change anything or add anything.

You can find proof of the following statement in both the Encyclopedia Britannica and on the Catholics’ own website, “The definition that the Holy Spirit was a distinct divine Person . . . came at the Council of Constantinople in AD 381.” This was over 250 years after the last of the apostles had died––and after the time of Eusebius.

The trinity or triune nature of God, or the Godhead, is a false doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church because they did not understand our very Hebrew God and His Word. We must not try to explain things according to words that were not written by the Hebrew authors of the New Testament letters. Writing in ignorance (lack of knowledge) is foolish, and can lead others astray.

EVERYTHING God did and does is an ultimate means to an end––to reconnect mankind to Himself in eternity. God taught mankind His sacrificial system which told the story of how He would come to the Earth to atone for mankind’s sins.

Since God’s Blood is the only Holy and Pure Blood, it would need to be His Blood that would be poured out to atone for all mankind's sin as the Last Sacrificial Lamb of peace. Yeshua IS God, because it was God Who came to Earth as Yeshua. He often said, "I and the Father are One," because He IS the Father!

It is hard to grasp, but God is His own Son––He can be everywhere at once. God is Spirit, and so it was God Who came to the Earth and He was called Yeshua––while also being in Heaven and all around us, and everywhere on this Earth all at the same time. This is our multi-dimensional God!

Even though Yeshua continually spoke of God as if He was a separate being than Himself, God spoke in this same manner all the time––He always spoke in what we call the third person––it was only because our three-dimensional, and very limited minds perceive only three. Unless we stop trying to understand this, we cannot comprehend our multi-dimensional God that is Spirit––and Yeshua.He revealed Himself as Yahweh to Israel before He came to Earth. Then He revealed Himself as His Salvation for all mankind, by coming to the Earth clothed in human flesh as Yeshua. Yahweh told us He is the Messiah throughout the Hebrew Scriptures. Today Yahweh is called Yeshua by all who believe He is God the Messiah (Elohim haMoshiach).

Edited / Updated 2-23-22