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Freemasonry & Religion

It is important to know what Freemasonry really believes and teaches because, their website is full of deception and lies. Not only is what is happening to the people of our world right now based upon Darwin's Theory of Evolution, it is also important to note that Charles Darwin was a Freemason. Whether or not Freemasonry began thousands of years ago, or just three hundred twenty-eight years ago, is really not relevant. What is relevant is what Freemasons are up to today––for the past three hundred twenty-eight years they have had only one goal: take over the world, the sea and the people in what ever manner they can. In essence, they worship Satan and are trying to steal God's creation from him.

The Royals & Religion
The Royals are not atheists or agnostics, as they often pretend. Neither are they Christian, as some of their most prominent members would have us believe. They are profoundly committed to the old religion––the ancient system of pantheism, Gnosticism and idolatry which rejects Yahweh God of the Bible. In short, the people who rule this world are not simply indifferent to God, but reject Him completely––they are satanists!

In order to keep the commoners and lower classes in control, the Royals themselves profess to be Anglican, and participate in certain annual services. Behind the scenes, however, the ruling Freedom Thieves have for centuries been Freemasons. They all reject the deity of Messiah Yahweh Yeshua––although they are supposedly Torah observant Jews. The Anglican church has long been primarily a system of social control whereby the rich and powerful maintain their privileged positions and at the same time permeate to the masses the mindless patriotism that is needed to run an Empire.

King George II, Queen Elizabeth's II father wearing his Freemasonry apron

The royal family has been a patron and protector of Freemasonry in Britain for generations. Her consistent espousal of the brotherhood-of-man-fatherhood-of-god philosophy demonstrates her familiarity with the code of belief of Freemasonry, which some believe includes a belief in the arrival of a Messiah-type figure once the New World Order has been established.

The Thieves who control the Anglican Church regard man as just another animal species. Animals cannot sin, only man can sin. This is why Freemasonry subscribes so strongly to the theory of evolution or any similar theory that portrays man as just another animal species. If man is just an animal then he cannot sin, and if he cannot sin then he cannot be judged by God.

Since the (Jewish) Royal family reject the deity of Yahweh, they also reject His Scriptures. They do not believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, but in a different god entirely. The Anglican benediction has no distinctively Christian element without the words which the Queen chooses to omit. Her version epitomizes the interfaith morality and brotherhood-of-man philosophy of Freemasonry. Therefore, under the pretense that she is a Christian, the Queen is preaching the philosophy of Freemasonry. The fact that her messages are expressed in Christian terminology is irrelevant. Freemasonry does this all the time––they package and disguise its ancient occult beliefs in a deceptive form.

The Queen of England clearly rejects the deity of Yahweh Yeshua and cannot be regarded as a Christian. In reality, she is a senior member of a pagan ruling class that is gradually bringing the world ever closer to a One World Government and a One World Religion (which is satanism).

It isn't just Christianity the Royals deny. They deny their own religion, Judaism––for they are all Hebrew by birth. Freemasons insist Freemasonry is not a religion, nor does it follow any religion. However, if you take Islam, idolatry, paganism, the occult, Gnosticism, Kabalah, fertility cults, Satanism, spiritualism, demonology and put it into a blender, you come up with the Masonic religion. Many Christians are also Freemasons. If this is you then you are deceived––you cannot serve two gods!

Freemasons say they offer new candidates the light. The light they are actually giving is satan (mistakenly called Lucifer). The New Testament states that "Satan walks to and fro on this earth masquerading as an angel of light, that many might be deceived."

Freemasonry & the Mystery Schools
Freemasonry is a hidden fraternal order, and defined by them as a system of morality. The first three steps (degrees) of Freemasonry are the Blue Lodge. The first degree is called Entered Apprentice. The second degree is called Fellow Craft. The Third degree is called Master Mason.

Most people only go to the third degree, but if one chooses, he may advance either through the York Rite or the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite has thirty-two degrees. In each degree, the Mason pledges himself to a different Egyptian deity. If you become a thirty-third degree Freemason, you have made a pledge to thirty-three different Egyptian gods! The thirty-third degree is largely honorary, but the thirty-two degrees give you access to becoming a Shriner.

The Handbook of Freemasonry states to Master Masons: “You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons...and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him.” Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Hitler, were all Freemasons. Lenin declared: “Peace means quite simply the domination of Communism over the entire world.”

Freemasons are clearly embedded in a false mystical religious system called the Mystery Religions (or Schools). The Freemason who has just joined them, supposedly doesn't have a clue that the goal of Freemasonry is the same as Satan’s and the Thieves––world domination and ultimately, destruction.

The Thieves, as Freemasons seek this through control of currency, control of major corporations including banking, media, entertainment, and communications. They also work toward this through control of educators and textbooks, and most importantly the infiltration of religions.

Sincere adherents to Freemasonry, “care little for duties to God, or pervert them by erroneous and vague opinions. For they deny that anything has been taught by God; they allow no dogma of religion or truth which cannot be understood by human intelligence, nor any teacher who ought to be believed by reason of his authority.”

Congress & the Media
Practically everyone in our present Congress (and past Congresses), as well as many of the main stream media people, Big Tech owners, many in Hollywood and many of our Governors and Mayors, are also Freemasons. Pedophilia runs rampant through our so-called government leaders (as well as Hollywood)!

Why do you think Biden wants open borders? Yes, for their votes so they can cheat and win all elections, but mostly for the sex trafficking of the children and women!


All Freemasons are pedophiles, and are homosexuals as well. They practice human sacrifice, and have no regard for human life––they steal your children, abuse them sexually (all ages!), and most times use them in their human sacrifices to their many gods (Isis, Horus and the devil are just a few of them). Adults, often Hollywood stars or politicians, have also been sacrificed over the years––anyone who refuses to play the Freemason game, or threatens to expose the Thieves for what they really are.

Updated 2-23-22