Special Update 

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The Fake Economy
(System of the Evil Cabal)

As with everything else in our lives, our economy (as well as the economies of the world) is a big fat lie.

Fact: Credit (living beyond one's means) is illegal.

Yet, the Freedom Thieves (Thieves) push it all the time because their own livelihood is based on credit––your credit! Why? Because they live off the interest of everyone's credit! They must keep you in debt so they can make money––LOTS of money. Meanwhile you remain in debt forever––to the Thieves.

For those of you thinking it, they don't just live off the interest of the national debt––they buy our debt from other banks and mortgage companies as well. So they are living off of ALL debt. They must keep you in debt so they can prosper.

I came to hate credit cards and credit scores, and thought it was my parents who taught me how to run up my credit cards. Only recently did I discover that is not true. My parents only did what they were taught by the Thieves.

The Federal Reserve is corrupt (fully owned and controlled by the Thieves). They claim to run our economy, but they just run their own scam and try to keep it going. Do you know why our economy is on the verge of crashing, and has been for quite a few years now? Because the illegal system the Fed uses doesn't work for very long––about fifty to sixty years, tops.

So they reset it every fifty to sixty years. Have you ever wondered why you haven't noticed before now? Wars. Since at least 1693 (the year of the Alliance), wars have been deliberately started to cover up the fact that the Thieves have to reset our world's economies. They couldn't let you see that they HAD to reset it in order to continue with their scam.

When Donald J. Trump (Trump) came into office as our President, he was told all this by the Military Intelligence. Actually, I really think he was told beforehand, because the Military Intelligence already had a plan to stop the Thieves––but they needed the help of an economist who wasn't corrupt. Trump was asked to run for President by the Military Intelligence.

It hasn't been easy, and it isn't over yet, but when Trump is finished we will have the economy––and lives––we were are supposed to have. It will take some time to rebuild our country because the Thieves have ruined it, and we will need to replace all of Congress! Eventually we will have a life that is nothing like it is now.

During Trump's first four years, he stopped the wars––so no more cover for the Fed's resets! So the Thieves and their puppets (Congress, State Governors & Hollywood, Big Pharma, Big Tech, the Main Stream Media, etc.) introduced the fake virus, not only to cheat in the elections so they could stay in power, but also to use against the people in order to do their Great Reset out in the open (because they were forced to do it this way now that they no longer had a war to hide it).

This Reset is different this time. The Thieves don't just need to jump start the economy (start it over), they plan to change it completely because this is the final reset.

They plan to take away our paper fake money that isn't really worth much, and replace it with digital fake money. With Digital money the Fed will be able to control your money, making it much easier to reset the fake economy.

The Thieves will control your life completely if this Great Reset is allowed to happen––and not just with keeping you in debt to them. If this happens, we will never be free of these Thieves. They have been pushing us toward communism for many decades now––if this Great Reset is allowed to happen we will come under communist rule permanently!

Do We Really Need a Central Bank?
No, we do not. The Alliance made by the Bankers and the Government was a scam, that benefits only them. So if we don't have a Central Bank to run our economy, then how would we run it? Well, we would go back to printing our own money. With this Alliance, we have been having the Federal Reserve print our money and then we borrow it from them––with interest.

Sounds a bit stupid, right? But I would venture to guess that most of us didn't know that. That is why we have such a huge national debt––because Congress likes to spend money as if it grows on trees. And I guess it does as long as they have the Fed to print as much money as they want. Why do they need to print so much money? Because it is sent out to be laundered and comes right back into their pockets––and we the people foot the bill!

It will not be easy to get rid of the Federal Reserve (foreign owned and run), America's third Central Bank. That is the key to destroying the Thieves––definitely not as easy as it was for Andrew Jackson who got rid of the Second Bank of the United States in 1836 (the second Central Bank here in the United States).

There is a lot tied to it, and the United States' dollar is the standard for the whole world's economy. The Thieves have had over one hundred years to put all the pieces into place, so that no one would dare try to remove them from power. And that is exactly where the Thieves are––in Power over our lives. The whole world's lives!

To stop this evil elitist Thievery, it must be done right, and it must be done by the Rule of Law. Before he walked away from the White House, Trump had begun to set up another economy so America could be ready when the Federal Reserve falls. He also set up many failsafes, if you will, because he had been hired to help remove the Fed and destroy the Thieves. He isn't done doing that yet!

There is still quite a lot for Trump to do to truly remove all of the evil Thieves, (they are all over the world), as well as all the puppets and those attached to them. Trump will be busy for at least three more years!

A Normal Economy
A normal economy does not have booms and crashes, nor does it have recessions and inflation. Only an economy of a Central Bank does that. These things are also not accidents––they are caused by the Fed on purpose. Stock Market crashes, Bank crashes, all economic crashes are deliberately created by the Federal Reserve (or whatever Central Bank is in your country). The Thieves cause these every single time to keep the people in line. The Thieves are really quite evil! They are a part of the reset as well.

We have never actually experienced a normal economy, and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy life is supposed to be. It could still be a few years away, and if Trump is successful in removing the Thieves from our lives, we will be living a very nice life.

The Satanic System of the Cabal
One thing we must remember is that this devious scheme being carried out by the Thieves and all their cohorts and puppets is really the plan of the Freemasons. The Freemasons and all the other secret societies are actually all a part of one huge infrastructure of evil. They may not know about some of the others, but they are one just the same. They have the exact same goal because they were created to make their plan happen––to take over the world, its people and its money. And they have been planning this execution since about 1693!

Most of the information that you find online has been planted by the Thieves––they have engineered even your research. What you will find online is that The Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776. The Illuminati is a secret society within secret societies. In reality, Weishaupt did not create the Illuminati, they chose him as a figurehead.

All secret societies are part of the Freemason sadistic Satanic cult led by the richest and most powerful people in the world––all apostate German Jews. College Sororities and Fraternities are their recruiting venues. It is largely made up of homosexuals and pedophiles, who practice animal sacrifice and sexual ritual murder and sacrifice, mostly of children! They control the world traffic in drugs, guns, pornography, prostitution, and especially human trafficking of women and children. They are also behind all political assassinations, as well as all terrorism disguised as Middle Eastern terrorism. Those who do these deeds for the Thieves are our leaders in the government.

They have also infiltrated government on a local, state and national level in all countries; education, religion, the media and social media. Based in Europe, they plan their world order that makes its earlier attempts at control look like picnics.

Most previous American Presidents, except John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump, have been Freemasons and a part of this cult (those who are still alive are still Freemasons). George Bush and the CIA were behind the September 11th incident––not Al Qaeda. The CIA was behind the assassination of JFK. The Clintons are behind most of the child trafficking, and Obama is behind all of the school shootings. There is much more to tell, but you will hear about it all very soon.

Most officials (of both parties) in the White House were not elected––they were placed in their respective positions to carry out certain details of the Thieves'/Freemasons' plan. How do they get placed? By cheating, which they have done for many decades.

This present inflation and supply chain problems, as well as the weird weather, is the Thieves getting ready to crash their system so they can do their Great Reset. Biden using the Oil Reserves will only last for three days, meaning then we will have no reserves. He is shipping all of our reserve oil off to China––it is not being used by us to lower prices––he is lying again (you should be used to that by now). The whole point of doing this is to cause gas prices to go so high that people will no longer be able to use their gasoline cars and be forced to buy electric cars or stop traveling aways from home. This is all to bring in their new currency, the digital fiat (fake) money; and the plan to put those still alive into concentration camps.

Put your money into gold or silver. Some are trying to tell people to put their money into another fiat money scam, such as Bitcoin, but don't do that. Even though the CB cannot control it, it is still not real money!Even if the price of gold or silver goes up or down, don't worry. The CB is manipulating the prices to scare you away from it. It is gold that will save our economy from them––it is gold that will destroy the Central Bank!

Edited / Updated 2-22-22