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Freedom Thieves' Sixteen Year Plan

The Sixteen Year Plan is actually the culmination, the last step so to speak, for all of the nations which have a Central Bank.

The Bilderberg Group, that meets each year (supposedly in secret), are not the actual inner core leaders of the secret societies, but only the meeting place to stay in sync with all the affected nations. I could be wrong, but I believe there are no satanic rituals done at these meetings. The Bilderberg Group is where this Sixteen-year Plan was mapped out for Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton by the Freedom Thieves (Thieves).

Everyone who attends the Bilderberg meetings are communists. While they claim to be Evolutionists to explain all their ridiculous decisions to protect the Environment and control the people, both of those are a scam. The only reason they are doing any of these totalitarian things to the people is because they want to rule the whole world––it is all simply for power and money.
Anything the Thieves do, no matter what the program is entitled, is to benefit themselves––they have an obsession for money and power. They actually hate we the people and have no qualms in hurting (or killing) you in the process of their plans.

The End Goal of the Sixteen-year Plan is to do the Thieves' Great Reset (resetting the economy because it is falling apart), which is really creating digital money out of nothing in order for them to completely control all aspects of your money––what your earn, what you may spend and even your bank account. But that's nothing new, they have already been creating money out of nothing––the only reason these Thieves are so wealthy. None of our money is really worth anything, and therefore not real––even theirs.

I know this all sounds like a Science Fiction movie, and if you hadn’t just experienced what happened in the last couple of years, you probably wouldn’t have believed what I am writing. But I’m guessing most of you do now.

Whatever they call themselves, the Thieves hate the nation they have infiltrated and all that it stands for. They do not want you to be free; they want to keep you enslaved to them, and to control you.

The Plan
The year Barack Obama (a Kenya citizen––NOT US born) became President of the United States, is when the Sixteen-year countdown began. The plan would finish with America completely destroyed, no better than a third world country. 10% of the people would be completely oppressed and enslaved in concentration camps, the rest dead.

So how was this Plan supposed to play out? First it is important that we have a little background information on how this plan came to be. Before Hilary Clinton, and Barak Obama ever went into politics, and we had ever heard of George Soros, they were all students of a man named Saul Alinsky. Hilary did her college thesis on Alinsky's theories, and in college Barack became an adept practitioner of Alinsky's methods. Then after graduation, he was hired by the Alinsky team to organize certain residents.

Alinsky's ideologies were not his own, however. He was simply carrying on the ideologies of the Freemasons. The plan was Obama was to be President for eight years, and then Hilary Clinton was to be President for the last eight years (this would be assured by their cheating in the elections, as the Thieves' puppets had done for decades––no matter their party affiliation). Basically, Obama's job was to force all manufacturing, and with it the jobs, out of America and into China. That part he did in fact succeed in accomplishing.

The other part of his job was to get the guns out of the people's hands. He failed at that miserably. However, those who were the victims of the mass shootings, can no longer have a voice in this gun matter. The blood of all mass shootings is on the hands of the CIA, and Obama (he is still the one orchestrating them today). They believe they can convince you that a mass shooting is because of lawful people having guns.

They really think we are stupid and that we don't know that those who actually pulled the trigger on those guns are lunatics––or rather brain-washed lunatics. Those who commit the mass shooting crimes are under the mind control of the CIA––they use these people whenever they need something done to prove a point. There were many other things Obama was responsible to make happen, but those were the two most important.

If Hilary had won, she would have brought the United States into war with North Korea, China and Russia. The United States was supposed to lose the war (we had been making all of our military equipment from China's inferior quality steel for quite some time), the Constitution torn up, etc. However, it would have been a fake war––the United States would have been the one firing upon everyone (with Hilary in charge), bombing multiple cities in America, as well as all over the world. Then the people would be told we were in World War III!

Fortunately Trump won the 2016 election. Hilary was never able to kill all those Americans she hates, and all those people that are increasing the population––another thing Hilary hates: people. When Hilary lost the election, they (the Thieves and their puppets) were all outraged and could not believe it. They never thought Hilary would lose. They thought they had successfully rigged the election, but Donald J. Trump won anyway. He not only stopped World War III, he stopped all wars for the next four years.

China, the Scapegoat?
China is one part of this that is hard to figure out, mostly because Q suggested that both China and Russia may be helping Trump to get rid of the Central Bank people––as our allies. Most of what we hear about China and Russia could be simply propaganda, but it is hard to refute some of the facts about China, which are below. They could also have agreed to help, because it would benefit them also, as well as possibly allow them to take advantage of an enemy. An interesting fact: both China and Russia have disabled (or brought into their treasury) their Central Banks, therefore the Central Banks in those two countries have no power. They also both did not go to the recent Climate Change summit. Time will tell.

While China has indeed infiltrated our borders, compromised our state Governors and most of Congress, the state Secretaries of State, and many others, and supposedly helped to steel our election for Biden; they are only one of our enemies. In essence, I believe it will eventually turn out that China is a scapegoat (or perhaps our ally just playing a part?).

The Freedom Thieves think they have convinced China that they are to be the new leader of the Globalist economy––according to the Thieves' plan. However, something tells me they are only being used by the Thieves, as in past times they have used other communist countries. The communist country usually gets all the blame for whatever scheme the Thieves had been up to, and they were ultimately destroyed (not the country, but their people––the puppets the Thieves had used). China and the Thieves have the same goal, so one of them has to go.

I do not think China is a major player in all this. We are being caused to look at China as if they are the main bad guy in this scheme. In reality, China is the distraction, (don’t look here––at the Thieves––look at China).

China has not been playing the same game––they have their own agenda. China isn't really interested in doing the Thieves' bidding. They appear to simply be out to destroy the US––they supposedly planned to bring the whole world under their Communist canopy. They would control the whole world. So, supposedly we actually have an unseen battle going on between these two powers, without one knowing about what the other was really doing, or planning.

Although presently it appears as if a very incompetent (and demented) person is now Resident in the White House, Our Military (not the corrupt part of it) is on top of things and knows exactly what is going on. There was a plan in place even before Trump walked away from the White House over a year ago!We will not lose our Freedom and we will not lose our country––but not without some suffering on our part. Hopefully, this plan includes the rest of the world because they are in trouble worse than America is!

Edited / Updated 2-22-22