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Heaven, Hell, Rapture & Salvation

Again, I want to point out that nothing we have believed about anything our entire lives is true, therefore our religions aren't true either. EVERYTHING has been touched by the Freedom Thieves (Thieves)! They have warped EVERYTHING, cheating us out of the lives God really had for us.

Other than the fact that while writing my last book Playing the Harlot, I discovered that there was something extremely wrong with the Book of Revelation––we are presently living within Revelation Chapter 13. I have come to believe that the Thieves either rewrote that chapter, or they wrote the whole book of Revelation! We cannot trust that any book in the New Testament is true, there is so much wrong with the whole text (see Altered verses on my website:

The Thieves have changed our history, even before recently, and they have changed our way of life––they have even changed our religions. Do not trust what you've been taught––search it all out for yourselves!

As you will soon see, all of these (Heaven, Hell, Rapture & Salvation) are all tied together.

First of all, technically Heaven is The Heavens. Not because there is more than one Heaven, as many have mistakenly suggested, but because God is a plural being, and therefore His home is plural––His home is the Heavens.

Secondly, nobody goes to the Heavens. The Heavens is God's home, not ours. We were given Earth as our home. There is absolutely nothing in Scripture that tells us we are going to the Heavens.

Contrary to popular teachings and beliefs, Paradise is NOT the Heavens. In my book Where is Paradise? (which goes into much detail to explain this next statement), I discovered that Paradise is actually Eden. Those who cross over (the Hebrew word abar) into Paradise when they die, will find themselves in Eden, not the Heavens.

There are actually two places called sheol (shay-ole), usually translated as hell. There is an upper sheol, and a lower sheol (or second death). I wouldn't classify them both as being hell, however.

The Upper Sheol is where the unborn dwell and the dead spirits dwell––they are not alive, but neither are they in the place the Jews call Gehenna––which is the lower, or second sheol (the New Testament calls it the second death). An unborn child’s spirit is in limbo, waiting to be born. And yes, an unborn child has a spirit, which is Life––and they are waiting in the Upper Sheol to be born.

The lower sheol is where the wicked go––it is what Christians call the Lake of Fire. These spirits are alive in eternal hell. While it was originally for demonic spirits of evil, those people who have allowed themselves to be influenced by these evil spirits, such as the Thieves, will end up in lower sheol as well.

The theory of the rapture seems to be tied to Yeshua's so-called second coming. It is supposedly mentioned in the New Testament, but not by that name. When you research the Hebrew and Greek words, this rapture doesn't appear to be true.

The Second Coming actually happened on what Christians call Pentecost, but is actually God's Feast, Shavuot. Yeshua returned on this day, not in His Earthly body, but as His Spirit. Churches teach that Yeshua came to give His people His Spirit, but He already did that in John 20:22, where it states that Yeshua breathed His Spirit into His people. So if God already breathed His spirit into His people, then why did He really come on Shavuot? He came to reassure His disciples that His Word is true. He didn't really need to give them His Spirit again, and He came in the Spirit––He did not come physically.

The actual translation of 1Thessalonians 4:17 is:
Those who have had sin removed by Yeshua, will be taken for Himself by His Spirit, because of His Spirit dwelling (encountering our spirits) inside us.” (This taking will appear much like the smoke going up from the lamp of God, and will be a sweet aroma to Yeshua).

Believers will be taken to Paradise by God’s Spirit––Yeshua will not be taking us to the Heavens and He will not meet us in the air. What will actually happen is that we will cross over to the other side (the other side being Paradise)––as the word (abar) translate really means.

Paradise is one and the same as Eden, as in the Garden of Eden. We never actually leave the Earth. When you die you will go to Eden––if God deems you worthy.

Most of us have been taught that Salvation means you made it to Heaven––your spirit either goes to hell when you die, or you go to Heaven. This teaching states that if you do not believe in Yeshua (Jesus) you will go to hell; and if you do believe in Him you will go to Heaven. But is any of this really true?

Well, we already know that nobody actually goes to Heaven because not only is it God’s home, and ONLY His home, it isn’t a planet. We, as spirits with flesh and blood bodies, need an Earth, a planet to live on––we need matter to live on because we are matter. It would not be possible for us to be able to live in the Heavens.

When we are living with Yeshua we will have resurrected bodies that cannot live where there is no matter. And when we are only spirits without a body, we are technically not alive––we are asleep; in other words dead.

Scripture states that evil people will go to the pit, which is a fiery pit, otherwise known as the Lake of Fire to Christians. We have an example of this in Numbers 16:1-40, where Korah and his friends were actually thrown into the fiery pit alive because of their total and complete, and evil rebellion against God. God knew their hearts would never turn back to Him, and they had allowed themselves to become very evil and so He showed us a new thing––the new thing being that people would now go to the lower sheol (second death), which was originally for the demons only.

But what about those who could not grasp the idea that there really is a God, and never came to believe in Yeshua, and/or did not believe in His Word before they died? They are not really evil, just ignorant and stubborn––so where do they go?

The Hebrew words tell us that there is another sheol, an upper sheol if you will. The English translation (as well as the Jewish Talmud) tells us the upper sheol is where the spirits of the unborn and the dead dwell. They go there, and are just no more. They will not live again, but neither will they go to the lower sheol. However, only Yeshua knows who qualifies to stay out of the lower sheol––hell.

Those who did choose to believe in Yeshua will be resurrected, or crossed over into the other dimension where Paradise is, and they will live forever with God in Paradise.

Conclusion of all of the Above
True believers will be taken to Paradise by God’s Spirit (on the day we die)––Yeshua will not be taking us to the Heavens and He will not meet us in the air. What will actually happen is that we will cross over to the other side (the other side––or dimension––being Paradise).
Paradise is one and the same as Eden, as in the Garden of Eden (in Hebrew, Gan Eden––Eden is a Hebrew word). There is absolutely nothing in Scripture that tells us we are joining God in the Heavens.

We never actually leave the Earth. If you are one of God’s true believers, when you die you will go to Eden. In Eden you will be with Yeshua, walking through the grass, enjoying the sunshine, and whatever else Eden has to offer.

Knowing our God and what is really in His Word is so very important in these last days. Please search the Scriptures for the Truth in every area, instead of believing and trusting in what are now coming to light as false teachings.

Although we may not go to hell if we do not believe in Yeshua, in the last days there will be extremely strong delusions, and may very well be quite violent. We must guard our spirits so we do not follow these delusions and end up in the camp of the wicked––in that case we will go where the wicked go. We will end up in the Lower Sheol (Second Death or Lake of Fire)––torment for all eternity

Addendum to Where is Paradise?:

In this book I have concluded that people do not go to the Heavens to live.  However, I left out verse or two (Ecclesiastes 12:7 & 3:21) where it states that when we die our spirits return to God. So our spirits DO in fact return to God when we die, but they do not live there in the Heavens with Him. When they are in limbo in the Heavens, they are only inanimate spirits––not alive, but also not dead as in how it is on the Earth. When these spirits wake up, they will be in Paradise, which has been established as being Eden.

Edited / Updated 2-23-22